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Recap: Arrow S 1 E 1 Pilot
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The episode opens with Oliver on the island, rushing towards the shore to alert a passing boat that he is there. While on the island for five years, Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy, forged himself into a weapon to seek vengeance on the corrupt and right his fatherís wrongs. After he returns home, Oliver is continually plagued with flashbacks of the shipwreck and the island, including one vivid memory of his father sacrificing himself so Oliver could survive.

In present day Starling City, three masked men capture Oliver and Tommy Merlyn, Oliverís long-time friend. They interrogate Oliver about his father, but he soon frees himself from their restraints and takes them out. Oliver insists to Detective Quentin Lance that a man in a green hood saved them, starting the legend of his own alter ego. Moira Queen, claiming that she needs peace of mind, introduces Oliver to his new bodyguard, John Diggle. While Diggle drives him around, Oliver sneaks away and begins building his home base and training on the infamous salmon ladder.

As Laurel Lance and her co-worker, Joanna, discuss their case against the criminal Adam Hunt, Laurel learns that Oliver is alive and is less than pleased. Oliver beings looking into Adam Hunt, having Huntís name in his little book. Oliver, as Arrow, orders Hunt to wire $40 million into an account, but Hunt refuses. Oliver slips out of his ďwelcome backĒ party and into Huntís office, completing his task and zip lining out the window before being caught by police. As Oliver crosses out Huntís name, the $40 million is distributed to Laurelís clients. In the end, we learn that Moira was responsible for Oliverís abduction.

Tropes applying to this Episode:

  • Big Brother Instinct: Ollie gives Tommy the stink-eye when he mentions how hot Thea's gotten, and also pickpockets Thea at the club to keep her from doing drugs.
  • Bulletproof Human Shield: Ollie uses one during his kidnapping.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: During Ollie's kidnapping, to learn what Robert told him.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Ollie's Private Eye Monologue, which persists for a couple more episodes.
  • Elaborate Underground Base: Oliver does a little construction work in an abandoned Queen factory. It's surprisingly elaborate, given he's working alone.
  • Kill All The Witnesses: "No one can know my secret."
  • Le Parkour: Oliver shows off some basic Parkour moves.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Oliver begins a tradition of wearing tight T-shirts (when he can be bothered with a shirt at all), doing construction work, and working out.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Deathstroke's mask is seen briefly on the island where Oliver is shipwrecked, with an arrow in its right eyehole.
    • Ollie calls Thea "Speedy", the name of Green Arrow's sidekick (Roy Harper, usually) in the comics.
  • Running Gag: Oliver begins his streak of ditching Diggle.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: Oliver pulls one from the back seat of a moving car, also initiating a running gag.
  • Tuckerization:
    • Oliver's bodyguard John Diggle is named after Andy Diggle, a Green Arrow writer.
    • The crooked judge named Grell is a nod to Mike Grell, an acclaimed writer/artist of the Green Arrow comics.
    • One woman wronged by Adam Hunt, Danielle DiDio is a nod to DC Comics co-publisher, Dan DiDio, another is named for science fiction writer Nancy Kress.

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