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I can only tell you that I felt very privileged to be given the part and follow such a wonderful performer as Roger [Delgado]. I didnít know it was going to be as important as it turned out to be, I didnít know about the fans, I didnít know that the shows would be scrutinised and analysed fifteen, twenty years later...The thing to do is not to try to copy people, no matter what you thought of the way I did it. I think it might have been not very successful if Iíd tried to be a pale imitation of Roger. I think youíve got to come at acting from your own centre, your mind is the characterís mind, your arms, your body, everything, and then it is at least original and at least your own. I feel that it would have been wrong to have sat there, studying the videos.
Anthony Ainley on playing the Master

Susan Olsen was the only original cast member who skipped out on filming A Very Brady Christmas and Wikipedia says itís because she was on her honeymoon during production. 'She was on her honeymoon' sounds like a very sweet way of saying 'She wanted more money and those bitches wouldnít pay up.'

Rommie, the ship itself, was a sentient, thinking, feeling Artificial Intelligence...The actress took some time off to have a kid and to star in Jason X...So the ship's genius, Shamus Zelazney Harper, who first designed the android Rommie rebuilds her as Doyle, a blonder, sluttier version of Rommie with just enough memories to provide continuity. No other explanation: she broke, we done fixed her up as best we could boss.

They eventually 'rebuilt' Rommie as herself when Lexa Doig returned after her pregnancy; when asked how her new body felt (one that had put on a bit after nine months of conceiving and then delivering a human child) Rommie responds, 'sturdy.'

Chris: Two things I want to mention here. First, as weíve said before, this is Jor-El, who looks just like Clark. Which would be fine, except that we know that by the time Krypton blows up, Jor-El looks like Julian Sands, a.k.a. Warlock. And then, after he dies (?!) heís Terence Stamp. So apparently the aging process on Krypton makes you look like a completely different person every ten years.
David: I donít know how to break this to you, but Clarkís actually a Time Lord.
Chris: That would explain an awful lot. Especially how he keeps swapping out hot female companions every few years too.
— Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Relic")

Quotes from works

Lisa: Isn't mid-season just a dumping ground for second-rate shows that weren't good enough for the fall schedule?
Homer: You're thinking of all the other years. This year's shows are classic. There's "The Laughter Family" — that's animated. Networks like animation 'cause they don't have to pay the actors squat!
Ned Flanders: (appears with voice provided by Karl Wiedergott) Plus, they can replace them and no one can tell the diddley-ifference!
The Simpsons, "Homer to the Max"

Corny Collins: You can't fire Corny Collins from the Corny Collins Show!
Velma Von Tussle: They do it all the time on Lassie!

"What the?!? They replaced Darrin!"
David Morgan-Mar, Irregular Webcomic!

"Duffman can never die! Only the actors who play him!"
Duffman, The Simpsons, "Jaws Wired Shut"

"Wait a second, you're not Kirstie Alley! Who are you?!"
Linkara, reviewing the comic book adaptation of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Dr. Manhattan: You know what's interesting?
Sabretooth: What?
Dr. Manhattan: I can understand anything about nuclear and particle physics.
Sabretooth: Yeah?
Dr. Manhattan: And I can invent technological advances decades ahead of their time.
Sabretooth: Uh-huh.
Dr. Manhattan: And I can even understand the concept of time to the point where I do not experience it linearly.
Sabretooth: Right.
Dr. Manhattan: And even I don't know how Liev Schrieber could become Tyler Mane.

Iron Man: In my next movie, Rhodey will become War Machine.
Batman: In my next movie, Katie Holmes will become Maggie Gyllenhaal.
I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC (before Rhodey was also recast)

Kimimaro: Didn't you used to be British?
Kabuto: Didn't you used to be healthy?

"You're looking at a woman who lived through two world wars, fifteen vendettas, four major operations, and two Darrins on Bewitched!"
— Sophia, The Golden Girls

Narrator: Wait a second, you're not George.
Jenko: Cap, does Schmidt look any different to you?
Dickson: No! That's Schmidt! I don't know what you talking about, man! He look exactly the same to me...
Rogen!Schmidt: I got new glasses.
Dickson: Yeah, man, he just got some new glasses, man. Goddamn.
Rogen!Schmidt: No one's gonna fucking notice.
[one awful sequel later]
Jenko: Really, really glad you're back, Schmidt.
Hill!Schmidt: What're you talking about? What contract dispute?
22 Jump Street parodying this trope