Quotes / Gainax Ending

Rita: Is that a story?
Maeby: Not yet. It doesn't have an ending. He's in L.A., she's in Japan. How do I get these two characters together?
Rita: Maybe they could walk.
Maeby: Across the ocean?
Rita: If it's not too deep.
Maeby: No, deep is good. People are going to say, "What the hell just happened? I better say I like it." 'Cause nobody wants to seem stupid.
Arrested Development, "3x06 - The Ocean Walker"

"Lots of speculation from everyone!"
— Design notes for the ending of Mass Effect 3, as published by BioWare in the "ME3: Final Hours" documentary.

"I wanted to have controversy, arguments, fights, discussions, people in anger, waving fists in my face."
Patrick McGoohan discussing the meaning of "Fall Out", the final episode of The Prisoner.

"Uhh, is this how you end the series? I mean, is this where we go from here? Okay, the movie better sure as Hell make up for this, I'm telling you right now, 'cause I'm stuck in Nowhereland! You ran outta ink too, didn't you, ya bastards?"
Spike Spencer (Shinji Ikari's VA), in a Gag Dub of the credits of the last episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Mulberry: This is definitely the most uncomfortable day I've ever had. This whole adventure was just completely directionless, and it was filled with so many references, it's gonna date worse than that Heroes-themed episode! Who's responsible for all this?? Who? Who??
(Zoom out to show Mulberry drawing the aforementioned scene on Peter Paltridge's tablet PC)
Mulberry: Eh, ain't I a stinker? Wait, now I'm even more confused!

"There are two ways to wrap up a canceled or ending TV show. There's the oft employed looking back at an empty room and closing the door option. Then there's the "WTF! Let's stab their eyeballs with crazy!" approach."

Something further may follow this masquerade.
Herman Melville, final lines from The Confidence Man, his final novel as it happens.

"Oh, I get it! Because of the—? Hmm, yes! It all makes sense now!"
The Narrator's closing lines, BattleBlock Theater

"Dave’s Dr. Pepper was spiked with LSD and he hallucinates a conversation with a Confederate general from the Civil War. He continues to have little pow wows with the general during the movie even when the LSD wears off and his family thinks he’s crazy (I almost expected him to have conversations with Jesus ala Rescue Me). At the end of the movie everything is being wrapped up by narration and we cut to Dave’s daughter looking over an old Civil War history book. She flips to one page with a photo where we see the unit with the Confederate general and we see Dave. In fact, his daughter makes the statement “Dave!?” and the movie ends. WHAT THE F*CK DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!? What, is Tommy Lee Jones a reincarnated Civil War soldier? Is he a time traveler? Is he in fact, an immortal like Connor McLeod? Was he somehow absorbed by evil like Jack Torrence at the end of The Shining? Is he a shape shifter? This twist comes out of nowhere and it means absolutely nothing! What the f*ck are we supposed to make of it? IT'S JUST… AAAAAAARRRRRGGGH!!!"
Miles Antwiler on In The Electric Mist (2009)

"What!? What does that mean!? What about the thing with The Patriots!? Did any of this actually happen!? Was I just hallucinating!?... Wait, why are we zooming out!? Is this the end!? Why isn't anyone answering my questions!? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

"What the hell just happened?! Was the ending? Was that the beginning? Did killing Gandohar create a timeloop sending me back to the beginning where Kira gets captured by Gandohar, only Gandohar doesn't capture Kira, because I killed him in the future, making this some sort of future-past?"
ProJared, on Two Worlds's good ending.

"The movie ends in one of two ways. In the Syfy release, it ends with narration by Anna that explicitly states that the premise of the entire franchise has been bullshit. “There can be only one” was just a saying without meaning. The Source could only be accessed by the pure of heart, and its only reward was to give the “winner” a fucking baby. All the suffering, the angst, the lost loves of the series meant nothing. Connor MacLeod fought the Kurgan for nothing, because the Kurgan could never have entered the Source because he wasn’t pure of heart. Duncan and Methos teaming up to stop the Four Horsemen meant nothing, because the world still fell into chaos and Kronos could never have accessed the Source. Darius dying meant nothing because the thing James Horton feared – that immortals would one day rule mankind – could never have come to pass because the Source offered no power and no wisdom – it offered nothing beyond the chance to have a fucking baby.

The Russian release is even worse, but it takes a moment to really let things sink in. Just before we get a big CG image of Anna’s unborn baby, Duncan whispers, “He is the one.”

He is the one.

He is the goddamned poultry fornicating whale fisting goat humping mother fucking ONE!!!"

Rin: Why are you making this sound like it was a good story?!
Kirei: That's because I don't know what to do!

Samson: Okay... I think it officially got to the point where it can't get any weirder.
Camp Lazlo, on the ending of the Series Finale.