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"The breasts of damn near every single woman in this game are their own interactive objects, with their own flavor texts and conversation trees attached — usually leading to your guy grabbing those breasts (without permission and without protests)!"

<DemonEater> wtf
<DemonEater> ESPN is showing 2003 national jump rope championship
<DemonEater> who the hell watches jump rope competiti—- ooh bouncy
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"What is this?" misa asked doing the scared dance. Her chest was very bouncy and bounced a lot when she did it and it was dead hot cos bouncy chests are meant to be hot! and sayu got all turned on again which was bad cos this wasn't time for sexing ! THIS WAS TIME FOR WAR.

I honestly wonder if at any point in time during the animation someone said "Yes, good job, but you can do better. Make them sag more" >.>
Someone get the witch some Duct Tape!
Youtube comment on the Witch in The Thief and the Cobbler

"It's like living inside a bouncy castle!"
Cassandra!Rose (New Earth), Doctor Who

"Aah! I jiggled!"

"Every single movement just sends boobquakes, or waves of boobquakes all around the place, it's just... Why does it have to be so jelly? I would very much prefer the boob jiggles if they were a bit less over-the-top because... *sigh* Those seem to be made of some kind of... well, corn starch liquid? Ehn. Jello. Jello everywhere."