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    Films — Live-action 

I only mention it because sometimes there's a man... I won't say a hero, 'cause, what's a hero? But sometimes, there's a man.
The Stranger on The Dude, The Big Lebowski


Beating people up in little room... he knew where that led. And if you did it for a good reason, you'd do it for a bad one. You couldn't say 'we're the good guys' and do bad-guy things.

    Live-Action TV 

And our brave hero roasts the disabled man!

    Video games 

We need someone who can look into this... someone brave and fearless who can get the job done! But all we have is Crash, so he'll have to do.

I'm starting to wonder which side is supposed to be the bad guys...
Haken, Endless Frontier


According to a loose enough definition of 'hero', we qualify. Well, more or less. The point is that good deeds were done and we were nearby.

Legolas: We defeated a balrog, you know.
DM: You didn't defeat it.
Legolas: Well, we faced a balrog.
DM: You ran away from it!
Legolas: Okay, fine. We were near a balrog. For several seconds.
DM: Wow, you guys must be so proud. Maybe you guys can find a bard and have your story of heroic balrog proximity put into verse.

    web animation 

"Isn't there a third faction I could root for? Preferably one that's not composed primarily of dicks?"

[Aiden Pearce] was a hacker who did any work for hire and stole money from bank accounts, but then accidentally targeted someone powerful who killed his six-year-old niece, which gave him a little Spiderman moment and he declared that from this day forth he would use his powers to… continue working for hire and stealing money from bank accounts, but also fight crime! In-between. If he can be arsed. Not stealing-money crime, or property-damage crime, or murdering-policemen crime; just, you know, all the bad crimes, the ones committed by people other than himself.

    Web original 

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the fuck on. Medusa was a woman who turned down the sexual advances of a god, who then raped her, which caused another god to put a curse on her that turns anyone to stone when they look at her. Now we’re going to track down this poor woman who did nothing wrong and just wants to be left alone, then cut off her fucking head to use it as a weapon? There were like fifty writers on this screenplay and nobody realized the main characters are total wangholes?"

Yes, you read that correctly, our hero willingly destroys a beautiful utopia just to appease one dude whose petty jealousy lead him to attempting mass genocide. And that makes him supposed to a be a tragic figure. Don’t worry, kids, if you’re jealous, just try to kill everyone and Kamen Rider will be your friend!
— The Glorio Blog on Kamen Rider Wizard In Magic Land

Yeah... NO PRESSURE TORY — just FORCING you to do something you don't want to so I can fulfil my selfish dreams of fighting this guy who I barely know... I'M SUCH A GREAT HERO.

"A recurring tragicomic element of Sonichu is how Chris tries to characterize the protagonists of his comic as badass, insightful, and heroic yet instead unfailingly depicts his heroes as immature, maladroit, and at times nigh on morally bankrupt. Over time, the characters have engaged in enough unintentional buffoonery and villainy to easily fill an entire list of unheroic protagonist actions. While any protagonist worth reading about will have some flaws, from Donald Duck's temper to Sonic the Hedgehog's hyperactivity, the number of vices the Sonichu characters possess are too numerable to shrug them off as portrayals of flawed but ultimately heroic characters, but rather show them as obliviously yet undeniably evil."

At one point in the opening mission, a cutscene shows an enemy mercenary surrender. Then the player is forced back in control of Ryu, but all that can be done is slowly walking towards the enemy, who continues to advance backwards, pulling off his mask, talking about his family and begging for his life. Then you can either turn off the game or commit cold-blooded murder. Yosuke Hayashi frequently talked about how Team Ninja wanted to make Ryu a "Japanese Dark Hero" who "sometimes has to do bad things in order to do good" and to try to teach a moral lesson by "getting blood on the player's hands," but it all feels just dishonest and mean-spirited and sick. Ryu is not a "Japanese Dark Hero" in these scenes, he is a cold-blooded murderer with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. It makes the later scenes, where he bonds with Mizuki and Canna, seem like no more than calculating deceptions of a psychopath, or simply like a completely different character with no continuity to his previous actions.

''Not to mention, and we’ll see this with Cersei in a few scenes, the implications here is that what makes a particular instance of sexual manipulation bad is whether it was committed by an Evil Woman - rather than instances of sexual manipulation reflecting on the character of the perpetrator. This is why the show has spotted Melisandre’s abuse of Gendry and harassment of Jon, and Cersei’s callousness towards Lancel. Melisandre and Cersei are Evil. Margaery and Ygritte, however, are basically Good - so their abominable treatment of their partners/victims is totally ignored. We are deep into designated hero territory here, folks.

    Web video 

Now, I'm not too sure if I'm the bad guy or the good guy. Because I kind of look like the bad guy right now. (But then again, bad guys don't go left to right!)
JonTron on Samurai Zombie Nation

Your hero is stealing from a hospital? Do you think that would sound good on a movie poster? ''Patch Adams: He steals from hospitals. I WOULDN'T SEE THAT!

What kind of hero goes around punching women in the face?!
— Mike Mattei, Street Fighter commentary

"The reason the fans liked Rose was because the script liked Rose."
Mr Tardis Reviews on Rose in his video Is Doctor Who too sexy? Discuss!

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our heroes, SUPERHEROES, emphasis on the heroes, are trying to destroy their friends' fulfilled lives, SPECIFICALLY to shirk responsibility"

"With Grover, he has to ace his project if he wants to steal someone else's girlfriend. Wait, that makes him sound like a terrible person. He's supposed to be the good guy protagonist we're supposed to root for, right?"
The Mysterious Mr. Enter, reviewing Legends of Chamberlain Heights

"Bubba was playing a psychotic male predator obsessed with the thoughts of crippling women so naturally he was the babyface in this scenario."
—Adam, What A Culture.com

"Our HERO, ladies and gentlemen!"

This is the first Squidward torture porn where I am absolutely sure that they're telling me that Squidward is the antagonist and Spongebob is the protagonist. A protagonist that starts the episode by breaking into Squidward's house every single morning. With what comes later, the episode directly tells me that Spongebob is in the right for doing this. In Good Neighbors, that ending is just a stupid joke. Here, it's a major part of the plot. Not only that, but Spongebob knows the story of why it's wrong by heart. So Squidward is apparently a big baby for not being able to put up with this, but Spongebob can't last one day with essentially his own Spongebob. The second part of this episode, where Spongebob is being annoyed, tells me he was the good guy the whole time and Squidward was in the wrong for being upset, especially Spongebob shouting at Squidward at the end was meant to be justified. Instead, all it does is imply that Squidward was in the wrong for not putting up with Spongebob and Patrick in all the aforementioned episodes. But here's what really gets me about this episode. It makes it infuriating on rewatch. When Squidward essentially steals Spongebob's life from him, you find it justified considering what happened at the beginning of the episode. Spongebob is actually getting some consequences for being a hellish neighbor. But with the breakdown at the end, the episode is telling me I should not find it justified. I should find it wrong and abhorrent.
The Mysterious Mr. Enter, on A Breath of Fresh Squidward.

And frankly, it's not hard to see it as both Mark Millar and Marvel saying "yeah, the pro-registration side was the correct one." You know, the side that convinced people into revealing their identities to the public, violated the memory and DNA of their friend to create a murderous clone who killed another friend of theirs, recruited psychopaths to hunt down their friends, and then wrongfully imprisoned their friends in another dimensional realm where they were subjected to misery and depression. No, no, they'' were the good guys and the ones we should be rooting for. This especially in light of the book ending, with Tony flirting with Miriam Sharpe and talking about how those 100 ideas will lead to a bright new dawn for the Marvel universe. You know, once they figure out how to weaponize the sun as a gigantic death ray. For peaceful purposes against the anti-registration rebels, of course! Nothing else.
Atop the Fourth Wall, 15 Things Wrong with Marvel's Civil War

    Western Animation 

Brother Blood: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I intend to prove that the Teen Titans are not the protectors of Jump City as they claim. In their pursuit of "justice", they destroy everything in their path, with callous disregard for the safety of the city! They, not we, are the true villains!
Starfire: (sobbing) He is the right! We are the monsters!

    Real Life 

I would cross the road not to be on the same street as these people, but the movie wants to be with them. The movie is like some awful hanger-on that has found its way into some hideous celebrity party and can't believe it's there and doesn't want to annoy anyone.