Podcast / The Once and Future Nerd

Zach Glass and Christian Madera produce a podcast audio series called The Once and Future Nerd.

Currently in BOOK 1 PRINCES OF IORDEN, the story follows three highschool students, Billy, Jen, and Nelson, who were transported into a magical realm one afternoon in detention. Noteworthy for its surprising variety in terms of depiction of race, class, gender, age and all other sorts of issues without actually beating you over the head with any of them or giving them much more than passing comments.

The protagonists include the three children, a doctoral student called Nia, an adolescent elf called Yllowyyn, thief queen Aerona Regan, King Gunther, an older general named Brennen, Antonin Mooncrest, half-Orc General Traft, noblewoman Arlene Redmoor, her handmaiden Gwen, and her psychotic brother Ardel.

The Once and Future Nerd provides examples of: