Overly Long Name / Fan Fiction

  • My Immortal: The fan-novel follows the ever-dramatic life and times of Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, alternatively spelled Enoby Draknsss Demanta Rave Wag and her boyfriends Draco and Vampire, the latter previously known as Harry Potter. Overly long names for Parody Sues have been a mainstay in Potter fandom since at least Order of the Phoenix. It's only that My Immortal made the tradition known outside of the fandom.
  • And now, we here at TV Tropes would like to present the full, unabridged name of the Parody Sue Enoby Expy from Xtremly Scray. Ahem. Hot Topic Shadow Ra'ven Goffica Elvira Deathshade Dragona Corset Fis'hnet Exxorcist Samara Vampirica Eyeliner Bi-Guuyzz Demetria Satanista Misery Mikey Joel Gerard Shadow Kawaii Slytherina Six-Six-Six D'eady Shadow Deathstucchsin Shadow P'e'n't'a'g'r'a'm' Draculana Buffy Bloodrose. Even her birth name Trixie Brittany Lindsay Prepzi is pretty long. The sequel adds Sunset Cynthiella Leighanna Snowflake Tomoko Hermione Charity Grace Mercy Johnnina Indigo Thor Sapphire Libra Tylerelle Williamella Deaninine Jacka Mindy Irene Sarah Hayden Peony Anesthesia Snowflake Moonstone. We now return you to your regularly scheduled trope examples list.
  • Mra Trilogy's Rebecca Christiana Jasmina Xaila Rodrigues Diogo Velazquez. It's like the author wanted to shove every unusual romance language name ever.
  • The Kingdom Hearts fanfiction Those Lacking Spines satirizes uses of this trope with examples like Sakura Sunblossom Orange Juice Annie-Marie McFate and x-x-Marley-dono CrImSoNfLoWeR-x-x''. Yes, the font is pronounced.
  • Rock Megaphone brings us Lightradiantperfectebonyclawsonicflightdementiaechoserenitytarachime the Chimecho, shorted conveniently to "Chimey". She actually doesn't care what part of her name you call her, as long as it isn't "Lrpecsfdestc". The Chimecho race uses a naming system similar to that of Warrior Cats, and her parents just went a little... overboard. Because she has "ebony", "dementia", and "tara" in her name, that probably makes it a Shout-Out to My Immortal.
  • Atlantiana Rebekah Loren of Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen.
  • Toy Hammer gives us this little gem: 'Shas'ui Fi'rios Yon'anuk Eldi'myr', which is a Tau name can be condensed (from his language): Fire Sergeant Talon of Fi'rios (a colony). It is also hinted that Commander Firestrike's full name is much, much longer, considering that the Tau collect portions of their names from their achievements and traits rather than simply being named at birth.
  • Fuck The Jesus Beam has the Big Bad named BaROCK Dominatus Caesar Inferno Vespucci Giovanni Goku Super Sexy Awesome Absolute GOD O.B.A.M.A..
  • At one point in Sith Academy, Darth Maul visits Dr. Lwkncalkdwoinvcalkdslaksowieuriuaoinclskdnfoaiwheoisldkhklgalskdhwoiazlzowx xvas-OOM! the 2983rd.
  • There is a Harry Potter OC that has so many different family alliances (mother, father, foster father, soulmates, etc) that the name her magical family tree recognized her as was "Elizabeth Grace Anastasia Malfoy-Moss-Flitwick-Flint-Lupin". Lampshaded by one of her friends with "Girl, make your mind up!".
    • Also, as a Shout-Out to the amazing Kendra Lucius Malfoy's full name was Lucius Dorian Archibald Marcus Nathaniel Malfoy.
  • Mr. Evil's Original Character has Katherine Alberga Angelica Tempus, but she prefers to go by Karen.
  • What About Witch Queen? has it with Tamperan intel agency/police, called "Keisarillinen Vartiointipalvelut". The author notes that this are actual Finnish words, meaning literally "Imperial Secret Service". The second time he has to use the name, Madsen just says "KV".
  • Earth and Sky has Pinkie's daughter Tootselina Margaret Esmerelda Gummy Pie.
    • There's also Pipsqueak, whose full name is Peregrin Algernon Horatio Squeak.
  • When Hobbes first introduces himself in Calvin and Hobbes: The Series, he takes a deep breath before listing his name as "The Ultimate and Most Powerful Predator on the Planet Earth, with Razor Sharp Teeth, Deadly Claws, and Urge to Kill Stuff, and Also Has Opposable Thumbs, and is Able to Stand Up On Two Legs". (Or just "Hobbes" for short.)
  • In The Tainted Grimoire, there is Queen Remedi Grandine Thetalin de Vesperania.
  • Pony POV Series:
    • Applejack's real name, which is usually only used by Princess Celestia or Princess Luna, is Abigail Jacqueline Fifth of the Fifth Line, or Abigail Jacqueline V.
    • Spike's real name, which is again usually only used by the Princesses, is Kenbroth Gilspotten Heathspike "Spike" The Seventh.
    • The full name and title of the leader of the Hooviet Empire's military is Supreme Marshal of the Imperial Armed Forces, General-Admiral Solomon Azure Raven Makarov. This is likely due to his status as a Parody Sue of the Villain Sue trope or possibly because he's actually an existence eating Equineoid Abomination who may have stolen some of the names and titles from his victims.
  • In Alaia Skyhawk's A Question Of... series from Merlin, the titular hero has a tendency to acquire additional names almost everywhere he goes. He eventually ends up with a list of names and titles longer than the king's. At last count it was Lord Merlin Emrys Ambrosius Stormcaller of House Garrah, The Last Dragonlord, Leader of the Storm Clan, Raeswa of the Druids, First Advisor to the King, Court Sorcerer of Camelot.
  • In Blessed Be Providence Harry is blood-adopted by Antonin Dolohov, who renames him Harrison Charles Antoninovich Delacroix Dolohov. When Voldemort says that it's a large name for such a small boy, Harry replies that "papa" always says he'll grow into it.
  • The fandom for The Lord of the Rings has a few Parody Sues with overy-long names.
    • The Game of the Gods has a female named Juliardianselaáfalayu. Her name is so long that Fëanor invents a new script to write her name in only three letters.
    • MagnoliaCinderellaCupcake. The title is her full name. The story always uses her full name. There is no shorter form of her name, but there is copy and paste.
    • Middle Earth And How I Saved It has a main character named Siltasuvi Araeina Raven Tri'shah Iuhlmati Ellenor Isabella Geliarae Arwen Sarabelle Kitsune Hmrevenueandcustoms Smith.
    • In the deleted story UnSueing, some characters greet Phoenix by reciting her full name,
      Phoenix Eternity Emilee Adriana Marie Hunter Ixia Ivory Pearl Opal Rose Lily Sunray Scarlet Ruby Garnet Flame Diamond Star Moon Destiny Shadowheart Firestar SausugeFire Tango Amethyst Diamond Shinning Shiny Potter Hope Wish Golden Gold Red Green Emerald Azure Emerald Sapphire Ruby Diamond Pearl Jade Topaz Opal Amber Hawaii 73938-03894-PIN-LAST-NAME-MALFUNCTION
  • In the Hunger Games fanfiction Some Semblance of Meaning, it is no secret that Vale finds Obsidian's full name—Obsidian Agamemnon Citrine—to be "ridiculously long."
  • The knights' Weird Trade Union in Warriors of the World sports the full name of "The Prontera Royal Chivalry of the Honoured Knights of the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard". No one refers to it by this name except on official documents, preferring to just call it "the Chivalry".
  • The titles of each story in The Vinyl And Octavia Series are all quite a mouthful. The one that takes the cake would have to be Vinyl and Octavia Machete Their Way Through The Jungle.
  • In Steps in Life one of Harry and Susan Bones' daughters is named Hermione Minerva Luna Amelia Sally Potter.
  • In The Horror! The Horror! the editor of the Daily Prophet is named Morton Throckmorton Aloysius Ottoman Pendergast Biedermeier Jones VIII.
  • In Long Awaited due to a number of unexpected inheritances Harry becomes Harry James Rhys Evan Potter-Black-Flamel-Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell.
  • In Movie Night At Freddy's, Freddy Fazbear's full name is revealed to be 'Frederick Ferdinand Floyd Franklin Finnegan Fraser Fazbear the Fifth'. Later, that name turns out to be a slightly less abridged version; the actual full name is Frederick Ferdinand Flavius Francisco Fitzwilliam Fleming Fremont Fitzroy Forrester Finley Floyd Franklin Finnegan Fiorello Fraser Fazbear the Fifth.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic King Of Kings Ruling Over Rulers, due to the old tradition of royal families to stack up names, plus the old tradition of Eastern Roman dynasties to add the names of other prestigious families to their own, when Harry Potter was born (in a matrilineal marriage, therefore he lacks the Potter in his name despite being James's son), his full name became:
    Hadrian Maria Alexander James Philip Charlus Manuel Michael Gabriel Raphael Francisco de Assis Eugenio Doukas Angelos Komnenos Palaiologos von Habsburg and Anemas.
  • In Sonic X: Dark Chaos, the Prophet Muhammad's full name is Muhammad Ali Hussein Abu al-Addin bin-Laden al-Zarqawdi Talib.
  • Following the example of its progenitor fanfic, the Harry Potter fanfic Dominus Mundi The King Of Kings has a Harry Potter whose birth name follows at least two cultural naming conventions - the Portuguese and late Byzantine one:
    Hadrian Maria Alexander James Philip Fleamont Manuel Michael Gabriel Raphael Gonzaga Francisco de Assis Eugenio Doukas Angelos Komnenos Palaiologos von Habsburg-Anemas and Braganza
  • In Leaving Hogwarts Tonks' full name is Nymphadora Sally Destiny Harmony Symphony Rhapsody Melody Stephanie Tonks.
  • A few occur in Overlady such as Jessica whose full name is pretty much a sentence. Or Lillysuffering Crim'somdoomblood who simply goes by "Lily".
  • In Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji, the full name of Saito's Oni Familiar is Urajirosatoukaede.
  • In the Frozen story Where The Heart Is, Queen Elsa visits the farm family of Ascended Extra Ingrid Andersen and discovers that no one believes she's actually the queen. Finally one of the doubters demands she tell them her real name. She calmly rattles off:
    We are By Grace Of God Her Righteous Majesty Queen Elsa Victoria Frigga Elinor Margrethe Of Arendelle, Ruler Of Arendelle, Its Territories, Assigns, And Satellites, Protector Of The Faith, Defender Of The Realm, Commander Of Her Armed Forces On Land And Sea, Guardian Of The Living Valley, Grand Duchess Of Smestad-Vossestranden, Countess Of Hvalstrand, and Sovereign of the Islands of Barekstadlandet. Ice Drop
  • In "The Woeful, Sad Sorrow of King Sombra", a pony introduces himself as "Dazzle Shine Glimmer Muriel Mutual Elation Knife Edge Joy Happiness Hemkova Apogee Eerie Eyes Slybright Dancer Remiel Lucifer Sparkler Glitterdust Free Trust Transparency Illuminati Never Naughty Night Light".
    But you can call me Dazzle. Shine. Glimmer Muriel Elation Hemkova Apogee Eye Bright Trust Transparency Illuminati Never Naughty Night Light, for short.
  • The Result of a Malfoy and a Black has Siriana June Jamie Rema Lucy Andromeda Dorea Charlotte Malfoy Black.