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Nightmare Fuel / Fantasia


"Fantasia" is the most "adult" classic full length animated film Disney ever made. This makes it already a bit different than most of their other full length animated films. Almost all of the segments take place in the dark.

  • Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
    • Near the end of the segment a strange shape can be seen walking from the camera back to the distance. It is shaped as a coffin and accompanied by very frightening music.
  • The Nutcracker
    • The start of the segment has an eerie atmosphere to it. Tiny little lights floating in a pitch dark forest. The music doesn't help much either.
    • The Mood Whiplash of contrast between the quiet fish dance and the loud Russian flower dance, can be startling.
  • "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"
    • The wizard (Yen Sid) has a very eerie piercing stare in his big eyes. He never ever speaks, which makes him appear all the more menacing.
      • Interestingly the opening scene with him sets up this trope, then subverts it—Yen Sid seems to be summoning some sort of creepy, disturbing skull imagery...only for it to blend together and become a beautiful butterfly.
    • The idea of something as inanimate as a broom suddenly walking around ... and then taking a will of its own!
    • Mickey chopping up the broom. A Deleted Scene (existing in pencil test form) had Mickey doing it onscreen.
    • The way the chopped up broom slowly but surely comes back to life. Mickey then hearing sounds from behind the door and taking a peek...
    • Mickey's desperate attempts to stop the brooms, while the room is slowly but surely filling up with water. Especially the disturbing part where the brooms are still emptying their buckets in the fountain while everything around them is already flooded!
    • Mickey almost drowning in the whirlpool. If the wizard hadn't come back in time he would surely have died.
    • Yen Sid providing a Jump Scare moment by suddenly hitting Mickey with the broomstick.
  • The Rite of Spring.
    • The creation of the universe is very eerie, due to the threatening music. Especially when Earth comes closer and it seems as if the viewer will be crushed by the planet.
    • The never slowing down or stopping lava stream.
    • The scenes taking place in the deep ocean. The music itself is very spooky, especially during the first scene where organisms split up to form cells. What makes this scene particularly frightening is that most children have no idea what is going on!
    • The Pteranodon getting eaten by a Tylosaurus. This happens onscreen and ends that part of the segment. Worse still, the Pteranodon gets grabbed by the Tylosaurus's jaws head first and then slowly gets dragged into the water, in almost complete silence, no less. There's no blood or anything, but it's still pretty shocking.
    • The appearance of those Struthiomimus who head towards the river to drink. The music is eerie and they move like zombies, complete with glazy stare and jerky movements.
    • The brutal battle between the Stegosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus rex.
      • Hell, the T. rex himself! If he doesn't scream Prehistoric Monster, then I don't know what does!
    • The dinosaurs dying from starvation is also very disturbing. Especially the one who wants to dig up something to eat and then slowly realizes there isn't anything there. While he sits there, tired of his fruitless search the desert wind starts blowing against his back and you realize he is doomed.
      • The Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, and Stegosaurus drowning in the mud, and being harassed by the Ceratosaurus.
      • If that's not terrifying enough, there's the T. rex collapsing from the heat. Once it was a powerful creature feared by all, now even it is rendered powerless by nature's wrath and is forced to join in the march towards extinction.
      • There's also the silent panning over the landscape... ending with focusing on a dinosaur's skull. The silence is just utterly chilling and the clear evidence that these creatures died of starvation is unsettling to say the least.
    • Or what about the solar eclipse at the end of the segment? It's just so eerie that something so familiar as the sun can be so frightening.
      • What? No mention of the brief pause of silence before an earthquake literally rips open the earth? That was quite chilling!
  • "The Pastoral Symphony"
    • Although not a villainous character, the pitch-black pegasus with the glowing red eyes is a little creepy looking.
  • The Night on Bald Mountain. Everything that ever went bump in the night, all rolled up in one burning Black Mass presided over by the colossal demon Chernabog, complete with Glowing Eyes of Doom, demonic leers of delight, and terrifying snarls. Do NOT watch this after dark with the lights off. It's one of Disney's highest points in animation, with stellar special effects... all aimed at making the night of the demons more horrifying.
    • The idea that this hellish feast is a recurring event near that quiet little city near the bald mountain. You start to wonder whether the villagers are aware what happens each night when they are asleep and if they specifically stay inside to not witness it?
    • Chernabog's eyes! And his powerful gigantic arms are also something you don't wish to encounter in real life.
    • The bizarre appearance of the spirits and skeletons as they fly out of their graves. Rather than being animated normally, they appear as static, paper-thin figures which flutter disquietingly in the wind as they glide through the air.
    • Chernabog grabbing a handful of demons while he looks at them with an endeared smile. Then he just drops them into the lake of fire, as if he lost interest...
    • The harpy grabbing a demon but then (accidentally?) dropping him, causing him to plummit to his doom inside a seemingly bottomless pit of fire!
    • A particularly unsettling moment in that scene would be when Chernabog picks up a bunch of beautiful, fiery succubus-like creatures and watches them dance seductively on his hand...then he places his other hand over them and they all suddenly transform into hideous beasts. Their expressions afterward imply that the transformation isn't a fun experience for them, and their graceful dance continues as a grotesque mockery of itself.
    • Chernabog ends his night of horrors by bringing the mass of spirits, demons and fire together and producing a brilliant light while his arms stretch toward the sky. Given that Disney was intending this to be a stand-in for the Devil himself, and another name for Satan was Lucifer, or "Light Bringer"...
    • The half-formed and deformed imps and spirits dance convulsively, almost involuntarily, as if gripped with seizures. Some even start crawling on their backs halfway their walk, only to get up again immediately afterwards.

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