Nightmare Fuel / Disney Animated Canon

Fun and Fancy Free
  • Donald Duck's breakdown in the "Mickey and the Beanstalk" segment. Surrounded by death, no possible source of food beyond the bit of bread and beans, and absolutely no hope. He freaks out and tries to eat his plate and silverware. Mickey and Goofy almost have to strangle him to get him to stop. Then he sees the cow they own and goes Ax-Crazy on it in an attempt to kill it. The scariest things about these scenes weren't Donald suddenly going mad or his murderous impulses, but the realism of said portrayal. Donald's insanity is the result of desperate starvation due to an extreme famine, and it's a common fact that desperation due to near-death situations usually brings out the most violent, ugliest sides of human nature.

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
  • The last 15 minutes of the Sleepy Hollow segment is all about the mental shock-and-trauma. Not only do we have Brom Bones's ultra-creepy song to put Ichabod on edge, Icky then has to trek home through a Forrest O'Doom where everything seems to want to kill him. And then something wants to kill him. And it does. Maybe "And some don't even wear their skin!!"

Robin Hood
  • The scene where Robin is nearly executed, in which a solitary drum is beating as a large hooded rhino carrying an axe is approaching.
  • Both Prince John and The Scheriff are Affably Evil or Laughably Evil most of the time, but both of them have scenes that really show them for the petty, vicious tyrants they really are. Most notably is John's rage during the scene where he tells Hiss to triple the taxes and have everyone who can't pay thrown in the dungeons, and The Sheriff's fight against Friar Tuck.
    Sheriff: You're going to preach yourself RIGHT INTO THE HANGMANS NOOSE!!
  • Despite Prince John being one of Disney's least threatening villains, I found the scene of him stewing on his throne (right after the part where Friar Tuck gets arrested) legitimately terrifying. For thirty seconds or so, he's absolutely silent - no foppish Peter Ustinov voice to deflate the image - and all we can see is the pure, seething hatred on his face. Even Sir Hiss, who's rarely been afraid to talk back to his boss, seems downright scared as he notes how John hasn't even counted his gold the past few days.
    • Of course, John returns to standard Dastardly Whiplash-esque supervillainy as soon as he hears about Friar Tuck's arrest, but those thirty seconds... Jesus...

Lilo & Stitch