Nightmare Fuel / Lady and the Tramp
Be glad they don't have rabies.

  • "The final walk."
  • The rat villain.
    • Especially the way how, unlike every other animal in the movie, it is not in any way drawn in a cute or at least endearing way. It is instead portrayed with a feral, mad and just creepy design.
    • Even Tramp in his own way is quite scary sporting a very deep growl to intimidate the rat. Very much like Pongo and Perdita's attack on Horace and Jasper, or Copper taking on a giant bear, even though we're rooting for the dog, the film doesn't shy away from how scary dogs can be when they're on the attack.
    • Another one when the rat jumps on the baby´s crib when it´s fight with Tramp is close to ending. The way it turns to Tramp and smiles leaves no doubt about what it truly wanted to do to the baby...
    • Luckilly there's a bit of Nightmare Retardant: when Tramp catches the rat with the mouth he squicks in a very high pitched tone, in strong contrast with his scary appareance.
  • The Siamese cats may be this to young children.
    • A Disney Halloween features them when the narrator talks about cats.
  • The three frightening and thuggish street dogs (pictured above) who chase Lady in the alley. The way they were portrayed, they looked completely feral, and may have very well eaten her if Tramp hadn't showed up.