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Nightmare Fuel / The Great Mouse Detective

"There's no escape this time, Basil!"

The Great Mouse Detective is surprisingly one of Disney's darker films despite starring a cast of mice.
  • Felicia, whom Ratigan keeps tame by keeping her well fed using his loyal minions. One of the few examplesnote  in a Disney movie where someone is eaten on screen and doesn't come back afterward.
    • When you think about it, Bartholomew was lucky that he was too drunk to realize what was going on when Felicia ate him: he'd be unaware that he was just swallowed whole and alive by a comparatively gigantic cat. How many of Ratigan's other minions were unfortunate enough to be sober when that happened?
  • Ratigan during the final confrontation in the clock tower. His clothes are torn, he's given up all pretenses at civility, and at several moments is scurrying about like a real rat. And it is terrifying.
  • Ratigan's savage beating of Basil tops them. We see this previously friendly crime boss tear his cape, run through a maze of gears to get to Basil, knock him from some roof on Big Ben onto the hands of the clock, leap down at him, tearing him with claws, throwing him around, etc... and then there are the sounds of pain Basil expresses. It's no surprise that an image of Ratigan during his fight against Basil was the No-Holds-Barred Beatdown trope image for a while.
    • Not to mention that, unlike their battle of wits where they're more or less on equal footing, Basil stands no chance against Ratigan at ALL in a physical fight, since Ratigan is a sewer rat and Basil is just a mouse. If Ratigan hadn't been taken down by the bells ringing, he would have torn Basil to shreds...or eaten him.note 
      • An extra bit of Fridge Horror? Basil managed to reunite Olivia with Mr. Flaversham seconds before Ratigan caught up to them, and it seemed to be partly the sight of Basil managing to rescue Olivia that pissed Ratigan off so much. Imagine if they hadn't managed to reach each other in time.
  • The beginning where Olivia and her father are having a nice moment, when someone tries to break down the door to get inside the store. Then the father hides Olivia in a cupboard and Fidget comes and we see the silhouette of Fidget beating up Olivia's father!
  • Both of Fidget's jump scares, at the beginning and when he pops out of the baby carriage.
  • The Toy shop scene as a whole. First off Dawson bumps into a doll (Giant of course) which looks like it's going to reach down to grab him. Then there are the clowns, tons of clowns with terrifying evil leering faces. And to top it all off, Fidget returns to the toy shop to capture Olivia.
  • The Chinese mouse carrying a gun near the beginning. Fortunately, it calms down after you find out that it's just Basil.