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Nightmare Fuel: The Princess and the Frog
He's got friends on the other side.

  • During "Friends on the Other Side", Dr. Facilier's face starts flashing in an almost psychedelic fashion beneath a colorful skull. See the image to your right... if you dare. Or you can watch it here.
  • The spirits/ghosts/shadows/whatever Facilier sends to catch Tiana and Naveen were really, really creepy. They move silently and swiftly and you can't prepare with anything. At least one of them appears to disturbingly resemble The Slender Man.
  • Prince Naveen cringing in pain as Facilier draws his blood into the talisman.
  • The very creepy sculpture beside Facilier's door.
  • The alligators.
  • Whenever the FOTOS' signature chant starts up (bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom), you know something creepy/terrifying is about to happen.
  • The council of the FOTOS Facilier meets with to ask for aid in tracking down Naveen. Their expressions of fury and devilish glee are memorable.
  • Dr. Facilier stepping on and killing Ray. Disney managed to make killing a bug incredibly cold, brutal, and horrifying. To top it off, Ray was the comic relief.
    • When Ray is stepped on, he makes a distinct sort of... squelching noise.
    • And Facilier's face as he did it. He's one of the only Disney villains to kill off a character- and one of the only to kill off the cute animal sidekick.
  • When Facilier is holding a little voodoo doll of Daddy La Bouff, he's also holding a needle, which he slowly ebbs closer and closer to the area where the doll's heart would be...
    • The same horrifying suspense during the would-be wedding between Charlotte and Naveen on the float.
  • The jar in Mama Odie's house that contains her eyes and teeth. Even the protagonists do a double-take and cringe.
  • "ARE YOU READY!!??" Facilier getting dragged away was mildly unsettling, but the SCREAMING FACE ON THE GRAVESTONE OH GOOD GOD!
    • "ARE YOU READY!!??" The Princess and the Frog definitely beats Drag Me to Hell in climax scariness. You're welcome.
    • Here lies Facilier. He wasn't ready.
    • The chanting is quick and if you're not listening closely, it can sound like they're chanting "HUNGRY" instead. All in all, Facilier's death is arguably one of the most disturbing Disney has ever created.
  • Facilier's shadow minions. The way they move too fast and some of them had freakishly long legs and the screams they use to communicate... *shudder*
    • What makes it worse is how they can just snatch you up and drag you away... the scary part of it is that they don't even have to grab YOU. They just have to make contact with your shadow and you'll just be dragged off, not being able to see what it is that has you.
  • When the shadows run through the town, the ones walking on the shadow of the gate make the irl gate lantern bend. And their voice sounds something like a slowed down howl, sped up laughter, and a shriek combined into one. This is what nightmares are made of.
    • Those demon-spirits most likely took or ATE Dr. Facilier's soul.
  • A bit of subtle and possibly unintentional Fridge Horror: look closely at where Facilier's standing during the opening moments of his Villain Song. The Operator symbol can be (faintly) seen on the wall outside his door.

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