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Awesome: The Princess and the Frog
  • Naveen getting Louis to agree to help them.
  • "Don't make me light up my butt!" Ray vs. Facilier's minions. That is one Bad Ass Firefly.
    • "A bug's got to do what a bug's got to do!"
  • Tiana facing down the bad-guy at the end.
    • Particularly because she gets over her Squick at being a frog and embraces the utility of her condition.
  • "Friends On The Other Side" is Dr. Facilier's crowning moment, especially at the end when he tells Naveen to blame "my friends on the other side".
  • Another Crowning Moment for Facilier would be when his shadow stops Tiana from destroying the talisman (the first time she tried).
  • Dr. Facilier's temptation of Tiana in the climactic scene is a crowning moment for them both — for the villain, his Breaking Speech (how could it be otherwise when delivered by Keith David?); for the heroine, her Kirk Summation response as she moves to destroy his talisman.
    Tiana: My daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed. He had love! He never lost sight of what was important! And neither. Will. I!
  • While it's definitively Nightmare Fuel, no one can debate that "The Friends On the Other Side" Reprise wasn't a CMOA. Besides seeing Dr. Facilier reach his villainous comeuppance it's so awesome to see his puppets, his Shadow Demons, and even his voodoo symbols turn against him in this final scene.
  • When Ray dies. Why is this awesome? It's a gutsy move for Disney, who prudish parents seem to believe must do not wrong, and has never, ever had any horrible death or Nightmare Fuel in their films.
  • *cough* Mufasa, *cough*
  • The whole movie qualifies since it shouts "Disney's back!" as loudly and awesomely as The Little Mermaid did 20 years ago. History does indeed repeat itself.

  • Awesome Music: It's hard to pick one with such a good soundtrack, but "Friends On the Other Side", "When We're Human", and both versions of "Down in New Orleans" get particular mention.
    • Don't forget "Dig A Little Deeper"! Mama Odie's voice actress was even backed up by a real church chorus.
      • Add "Ma Belle Evangeline". The song is so heartwarming and sweet!
      • Also from Ray: "Gonna Take You There". It was short but very catchy.
      • Especially when linked with good memories; this song was played daily from the Mark Twain Riverboat at Disneyland, at least during November '09, making it a permanent reminder of Disneyland.

  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The beautiful sequence accompanying "Ma Belle Evangeline". Pond ripples, glowing flowers, Ray's light show...

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