Nightmare Fuel / Tarzan
We all know what is coming next.

  • Sabor. She actually grins at one point, making her all the more creepy. Cats Are Mean Up to 11.
    • While the film doesn't show Sabor doing the deed, in a rather chilling alternate opening (illustrated only by storyboards) on the DVD and Blu-ray, we actually do get to see Sabor attack and kill Tarzan's father, though only through flashes illuminated by lightning strikes. The scene ends with Sabor dragging his body offscreen to feed.
    • What we do get to see in the finished product is Sabor's pawprints, tainted with the blood of Tarzan's parents, overlaid with her snarls. If you pay close enough attention, you can see his parents' corpses in the background.
    • Sabor attacking Kala. See it here
  • When Kerchak gives his enraged roar, you'll jump in your seat- especially when you see him arguing with Kala about her taking the infant Tarzan in (Which terrifies him and causes him to cry), and when he attacks the humans for playing with the gorilla babies.
  • Clayton's death. To cut a long story short— in a frenzied attempt to attack Tarzan with his machete, he gets himself tangled up in jungle vines, not noticing until too late that one is coiling around his neck as he slashes away at them. Eventually, he cuts away the last one holding him up, causing him to plummet a huge distance from the tree the two were standing on— but with one vine still around his neck and strangling him as evidenced by him desperately clawing at his throat and his eyes bulging out madly as he falls. It then suddenly cuts to the vine stretching taut with a sickening crunch, Tarzan and Clayton's machete dropping to the ground, and then lightning illuminates the cliff face behind them to reveal the shadow of Clayton's dangling corpse behind him.
    • There's a reason that this scene provides the picture for the Film page of Family-Unfriendly Death. Clayton literally ended up hanging himself in jungle vines.
  • Kerchak and Kala had to hear their son being eaten alive. Doubles as a massive Tear Jerker.
  • A good number of the Game Over sequences in the video game are rather chilling, especially the ones where Tarzan is still a kid. A compilation is right here.
  • Tarzan's parents' short visit to Africa. They had just survived a shipwreck, managed between the two of them to build an elaborate treehouse while sheltering and caring for a newborn, and likely had only just finished building said house when Sabor found them. To clarify, the treehouse was incredibly sophisticated, so with only two adults (one who also has to care for an infant) working on it, it would have taken at least a few months to build. Tarzan wasn't even old enough to walk when Kala found him, so it couldn't have been more than 3-4 months since the shipwreck. So Tarzan's parents probably only enjoyed their new home in finished form for a couple of weeks before Sabor arrived. To make things worse, since leopards are largely arboreal, it's possible that all the activity of building the treehouse is what attracted Sabor's attention in the first place.
  • During "Strangers Like Me", Clayton demands to know where the gorillas are while holding up a picture of an angry male. His face is almost the spitting image of the male as he shouts. In the final fight with Tarzan, he rips his hand free with his teeth and the way he slashes at Tarzan with his machete is a perfect Call-Back to Tarzan's battle with Sabor. He degenerates into a savage beast like the ones he's been hunting, which is his downfall, and it's not exactly family-friendly to watch.
  • "Go ahead, shoot me! Be a man!"
  • The baboons that attack Jane.