Nightmare Fuel: Tarzan

  • Sabor. She actually grins at one point, making her all the more creepy. Cats Are Mean Up to Eleven.
    • While the film doesn't show Sabor doing the deed, in a rather chilling alternate opening (illustrated only by storyboards) on the DVD and Blu-ray, we actually do get to see Sabor attack and kill Tarzan's father, though only through flashes illuminated by lightning strikes. The scene ends with Sabor dragging his body offscreen to feed.
  • When Kerchak gives his enraged roar, you'll jump in your seat.
  • Clayton's death. You can see his body hanging there. There's a reason that this scene provides the picture for the Film page of Family-Unfriendly Death.
  • Kerchak and Kala had to hear their son being eaten alive.