Funny / Fantasia
"Go to Your Room, Mickey!"
For the 1999 version, see Fantasia 2000.
  • Yen Sid giving Mickey a whap on the behind with the broom!
    • What makes it even better is if you pay close attention, Yen Sid betrays a little smirk right before he whaps Mickey, indicating that he thought the whole thing was Actually Pretty Funny.
    • Mickey dancing around the room after leaving the broom to do its job.
  • The "soundtrack" line imitating instruments. Especially the bassoon—"drop the other shoe, will ya?" and the drums. (The triangle at the very end makes it art).
    • *raspberry*
  • Trying to count how many times the Pegasus foals change color and increase or decrease in number.
  • Any shot starring Bacchus and his donkey.
  • The centaur males galloping into view somehow always seemed hilarious.
    • Similarly, there are the two appearances of the approaching hippo line at the end of Dance of the Hours, with a vibe of "Big Fun, coming through!"
  • Roy Disney and Mickey Mouse chatting on the commentary to The Sorcerer's Apprentice, talking about costumes and Mickey falling down the stairs repeatedly, the Brooms Union, bringing in more brooms from Warner Bros., and not using a stunt double.
  • The Dance Of The Hours sequence with Expys from La Gioconda. Hyacinth Hippo is Laura, Madame Upanova is La Gioconda, and Ben Ali Gator is Enzo. The whole thing is just hilarious.
    • During their dance, Hyacinth Hippo leaps into the air to land in Ali Gator's waiting arms. It goes exactly as well as you'd expect.
    • After Madame Upanova was flung into the air and slowly descends, she puts her legs down a little too late and she falls on her behind. Then she quickly stands up regaining her composure.
  • In The Rite of Spring, a Pteranodon snatches a squid from another Pteranodon, and he chases after them.
    • Later a Kannemeyeria is crawling to the Plateosaurus that are digging for clams. One pushes the little one away as if saying "Beat it, kid. You're bothering me." Then, when they all look up (as if they hear something coming), the little dicynodont snatches a clam from another Plateosaurus's hole and walks away.
      • As they're fleeing from the T. Rex, one of the dinosaurs trips over the dicynodont and crashes into a tree.
    • The Stegosaurus walks pass a tree with two little dinosaurs on the branches. One of them tumbles down the stego's back and tail and jumps off.
    • Even before the segment there's a funny moment in the intro by Deems Taylor—as he's introducing the piece, he has to restart because one of the musicians knocked over his instruments, the tubular bells.