Funny: Pinocchio

  • Pinocchio has a few, probably unintentional examples, perhaps slipping into Black Comedy.
    • There's the scene where Stromboli finds and bites a piece of metal among his gold coins, goes into a rant of gibberish...then suddenly calms down: "For you, Pinocchio."
    • Also, during Lampwick's not-funny transformation sequence, the way he says "What the...?" is at least snicker-worthy
      • At the first step of the transformation, Pinocchio takes one look at him, and casts off his drink. And then tosses away his cigar too.
      • When his transformation kicked into over-drive, and his first reaction was "I've been double-crossed! I've been framed!" As if he'd correctly deduced that someone else was turning him into a donkey. Like you'd really think that way in that situation.
    • "What's he think I look like? A jackass?"
      • "You sure do!"
    • Even the coachman's infamous " BOYS!" line is pretty funny to watch when one is older.
  • What was the Tear Jerker moment of the movie, reverses itself when the now-real Pinocchio asks Geppetto why he's crying, who answers with "because you're dead, Pinocchio. Now lie down."
    • However, there's a bit of Fridge Horror in that moment; Geppetto doesn't seem surprised to hear Pinocchio's voice, which could imply that he's been hallucinating in his grief, and doesn't realize that the voice is real this time.
  • "Why do I have to go to school?" "To... y'know, learn things. Get smart."
  • Stromboli
  • Pinocchio's finger on fire.
    Pinnochio: Look, pretty!
    Geppetto: OH! HELP!
    • Jiminy attempting to rush to the rescue with his tiny thimble-sized hat of water... And then falling face-first into it when he trips over a pencil.
  • "A little wooden boy. Now -- a wooden boy?!"
  • What's an actor want with a conscience anyway?
  • "Who's there?" "It's me." "Oh, it's me...wh-HUH?!?"
  • When Honest John and Gideon are performing a fake diagnosis on Pinocchio to get him to go to Pleasure Island.
    Honest John: Oh my, this is serious. (cut to Gideon's notepad, which is nothing but scribbles)
  • The first time Monstro sneezed, and Jiminy gave a rather understated "Gesundheit." Made even funnier considering it occurred during an otherwise very dramatic moment. The staff admitted during the premiere, that line got the biggest laugh of the movie.
  • In "I've Got No Strings":
    Pinocchio: I've got no strings to hold me do—(falls down the steps)
    • Followed by Stromboli making this indescribably hilarious squeal of fury.
    • And followed further by a string of incomprehensible babbling.
    • Meanwhile, an irate Jiminy says, "Go ahead, make a fool of yourself — then maybe you'll listen to your conscience!"
  • After the clocks scene, in which dozens of clocks strike 9, Geppetto still has to check his pocket watch for the time.
  • During the fishing scene, Figaro slaps one of the tuna in the face after it lands in the trough.
    • And when he puts another one in, the fish's tail smacks Figaro in the face.
  • After the annoying clock scene (a CMOF in itself), Jiminy sees a bright light coming through the window.
    Jiminy: Now what's up?
  • Admit it, Stromboli is one of Disney's most hilarious villains ever, even during the scene where's locking Pinocchio up in a cage.
    • "QUIET! SHUT UP! Before I knock-a you silly!"
    • Also of note is when Stromboli shakes that big, fat ass of his when he goes "Constantinopalee!"
  • "As I live and breathe! A fairy! Mm-mm!"
    • All of Jiminy's lines during the Blue Fairy's introduction, including the scene where she asks him to be Pinocchio's conscience.
  • Gideon the cat attempting to hit Pinoke with a mallet, only to be stopped by Honest John
    Honest John: No no, stupid! (snatches mallet) DON'T be crude! (whacks Giddy on the head with mallet)