Heartwarming: Pinocchio

Disney's Pinocchio

  • Pinocchio being brought back to life as a real boy by the end of the film.
  • The Blue Fairy helping Pinocchio out of Stromboli's cage.
  • No matter how many times Pinocchio strays off the straight and narrow, Jiminy Cricket always goes after him to try and bring him back. Now that is one devoted conscience.
    Pinocchio: Goodbye, Jiminy.
    Jiminy: Goodbye? I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya!
    • Also, when Jiminy is about to leave Pinocchio and Pleasure Island and head home, he sees what happens to the boys and seeing the same might happen to Pinocchio, he races toward the pool hall as fast as he can.
  • Pinocchio and Gepetto's reunion in the whale.
    • Also, when Gepetto discovers Pinocchio's donkey ears and tail, he asks what happened to him. Just as Pinocchio is about to sheepishly tell his father what happened, Gepetto says he doesn't care as long as his son is safe and sound.
  • Pinocchio risking his life to save Gepetto from drowning.
  • When You Wish Upon A Star, now serving as the Bootstrapped Theme for the Disney Company