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Awesome: Pinocchio
  • The scene where all of Gepetto's clocks go off. It's just a frickin' cool way to tell time.
  • The whale chase is a mix of this and Nightmare Fuel.
    • Pinocchio risking his life to save his father.
  • The whole movie qualifies. The animation, the music, the characters and the then-new animation techniques. It was the first animated film to win a competitive Academy Award (two to be exact). There's a reason many call it the most technically perfect Disney film ever made.
  • The scene where Pinocchio and Jiminy trek the ocean.
  • The visual effects. Absolutely stunning. There's a reason it's considered the most technically perfect Disney film.
  • The whale scene.
  • The whole film itself is awesome, Anyone who is either 5, 15, 25, 35, 55 or 105 can watch it and learn what to do right and avoid temptations in your life.
  • Example from the video game adaptation: Come on, as easy as the fight was and even though it wasn't a part of the film, you have to admit kicking the Coachman off a cliff to his death had to be one of the most satisfying things to do in this film's video game adaptation as you gave the bastard what he had coming to him after causing many children sleepless nights. Bonus points go to the SNES version where he actually cries out in pain every time he gets hit.
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