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Funny: Dumbo
  • During the climax of the disastrous Elephant Pyramid, Matriarch the Elephant shouts this to the fleeing Dumbo, who they are about to fall onto:
    "Out of my way, assassin!"
  • Everything from Timothy's appearance as "Inspiration" to "I've got it! I've got it!".
    • Especially the scene where Timothy spooks the gossiping elephants using antics such as jiggling his face, twitching his nose, whistling, and doing a napoleon pose. This is also a Moment of Awesome, for putting the snobby elephants in their place
      • Funnier still when you consider there is some Truth in Television about this, Mythbusters showed elephants are slightly wary of mice and go out of their way to avoid them.
    • Timothy saying to the gossiping elephants, "You like to pick on little guys, huh? Why don't ya pick on me?" and the elephants turn around and he resumes spooking them.
  • The numerous gags involving bubbles leading up to the "Pink Elephants" sequence.
  • After the Pink Elephants number, some crows discover Dumbo. Unfortunate Implications aside, they discuss whether or not the elephant is dead.
    Crow: Naw, dead people don't snore... or do they?
  • The gorilla acting all fierce... until he breaks one of the bars on his cage. Then he sheepishly puts the bar back in place.
  • Timothy falling into the bucket of alcohol and the operatic singing that comes shortly afterwards is absolutely hilarious as an adult.
  • Mrs. Jumbo dunking the ringmaster in the tub of water after which he gets hit in the face with his shortfront trying to wring himself dry.
  • The elephants commenting during their pyramid.
  • The "Pink Elephants On Parade" scene was Nightmare Fuel to most viewers, but some parts of it can be pretty funny.
  • This exchange while the Ringmaster is making a lengthy introduction to the pyramid act:
    Catty: Hearing him talk, you'd think he was gonna do it.
    Matriarch: The stuffed shirt!
    • Later on, when the elephants finish the act and the Ringmaster goes into lengthy intro mode again (this time for Dumbo himself):
    Matriarch: That windbag! Why doesn't he get to the point?!
  • Out-of-universe, someone once did a remix of "We're Gonna Hit the Big Boss for a Raise" on Youtube. Sadly, it was taken down.
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