Nice Guy: Web Original

  • While most Red vs. Blue characters are some level of Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, there are still a few Nice Guys.
    • Donut on the Red Team is so perky, friendly, and sweet that even Church (who otherwise hates everyone) likes him. He's essentially the closest thing RvB has to The Cutie.
    • Caboose seems to be vaguely aware that half the people he knows are supposed to be his enemies, but that doesn't mean they can't be his friends.
    • Sheila is remarkably personable and helpful for literally being a tank, and is a Cute Machine.
    • The Freelancers have their own sort of Power Trio of Nice Guys in the form of Agents New York, North Dakota, and Washington. York is incredibly snarky, but has a strong sense of fair play and right and wrong and his snark is usually intended as good-natured. Wash is the dorkiest one, worried about following the rules and everyone getting along. Lastly, North is the Team Mom, so nurturing and caring that he was specifically given the most child-like of the AIs as a result.
    • Finally there's Doc, who comes off as almost a parody of a Nice Guy. He's an Actual Pacifist and has an exaggerated Granola Boy and Soapbox Sadie personality, but he's also snarky in a biting way and sometimes shows an extremely morbid and almost Nightmare Fetishist sense of humor.
  • RWBY:
    • Jaune Arc is the first person that Ruby befriends at Beacon Academy, the fact that she called him "Vomit Boy" rolling off his back.
    • Pyrrha Nikos is polite, supporting of the other students (especially Jaune), forgiving, and generally pleasant if occasionally somewhat detached and professional.
    • Ruby Rose counts as well. She carried Jaune Arc to initiation when he got pinned to the wall by Pyrrha at Weiss's behest. She accepted Penny as a friend after Weiss bumped into her, despite protest from the other girls. Also, even though Weiss antagonized her throughout Volume 1, Ruby still expressed concern for her teammate after learning of her troubled childhood.
    • Heck, practically all of the protagonists are this trope, with the exception of Weiss, of course, and even she comes around. Blake, Yang, Ren, Nora and Sun have their quirks but they're decent people above all.
  • Quite a few characters in Survival of the Fittest, but one character who plays this to a tee is Reika Ishida, in contrast to her sister. One of her defining traits was that she was nice and friendly, always trying to help out. However, true to the stereotype, she literally gets killed within two posts once she gets to the island. Danya in the following announcement then called her "the less interesting of the Ishida sisters" for this reason.
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • Penny is extremely sweet-natured, a good friend to Billy, vegetarian, and volunteers to help the homeless.
    • Billy is also on the surface a nice guy, but he becomes more of a Dogged Nice Guy around her, and arguably he has some ideas that maybe aren't so nice.
  • Felicia Day also plays Codex on The Guild, who is a Deconstruction of this trope. While she's generally very tolerant and patient with the rest of the group and serves as The Heart, the constant pressures of being the White Magician Girl (in-game and out) have fed into her crippling neurosis.
  • Personified with the "Good Guy Greg" Image Macro, who is the "nice guy" counterpart to Scumbag Steve.
  • Doug Walker's niceness was lampshaded and parodied in his cameo for Phelous's review of House of Wax (2005). While the rest of the site cheered for Paris Hilton's character's death, he's disgusted by their behaviour even though she's fictional.
  • Speaking of TGWTG, the late and much-missed JewWario (even in character, which was close to his real life persona anyway) was probably THE nicest person out of the entire cast/crew.
  • Tacoma from Demo Reel is an always-willing confidant and Living Emotional Crutch for Rebecca and Donnie. And speaking of those two, while they have plenty more issues, they're sweethearts as well when you get to know them better.
  • Rack of the Whateley Universe. He's a dwarf on top of being a mutant, but he has several extremely pretty female friends because he treats them well. And he makes the time to explain to Chaka why she should watch out for the dreaded Sahar.
  • In Worm, the superhero Legend, leader of the Protectorate, inspires an almost universal "he's so nice!" reaction in people who meet him, and is generally considered the nicest member of the Triumvirate, with Alexandria being cold and distant and nobody liking Eidolon. As it turns out, he's also the only member of the Triumvirate that isn't aware of the horrible crimes perpetrated by Cauldron.
    • There's also a twisted inversion of this trope in the form of a villain actually named "Nice Guy." He pretty much renders everyone around him incapable of regarding him as a threat, and most people actually trust him and think of him as a friend, allowing him to calmly walk up to people and start murdering them where they stand, with their friends blithely standing by and unable to do anything about it because he's such a nice guy.
  • The Autobiography of Jane Eyre: Played With a lot with people Jane encounters when she starts her new job.
    • Grace Poole is a Composite Character, combining mild and kind Mrs Fairfax and scary, mysterious Grace Poole from the book. She's very intense and weird during her first appearance. Later she has moments when she's genuinely nice to Jane and very caring. Other times she seems nervous, impatient or downright nasty.
    • Jane expected Mr Rochester, her employer, to be horrible, based on Grace's vague description and Adele's nightmarish drawings of him. She finds out he's not abusive, which she thought he would be, but he's teasing, weird and bossy. In episode 13, Jane says that he seems a nice enough man, though a little negative, moody, sharp, dismissive,... but in a good way. There are obviously things which haunt him.
  • Deckard in Bee and Puppycat makes Bee a casserole after hearing she lost her job. He even leaves it for Bee after she accidentally Groin Attacks him with her umbrella.
  • Some human/sentient SCP items at the SCP Foundation are surprisingly polite and friendly, such SCP-073, SCP-208 and SCP-105.
  • The Knights of Fandom are effectively meant to be an entire organization of Nice Guys/Girls.
  • Flippy from Happy Tree Friends is social, polite, and always happy to help out. The blurb video for "Without A Hitch" outright calls him a nice guy. A shame he also has a poisonous cocktail of mental illnesses that turns him into a sadistic murder machine whenever something reminds him of the war.
  • Viner Thomas Sanders is very amiable and tries to maintain an overall sense of fun and lightheartedness with his Vines and YouTube videos, in stark contrast to a great many other Viners whose content is much less family-friendly.