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Standard Powerup Pose

As the power flows through you and your hair glows and you got an incredible Battle Aura going, how are you gonna react physically? Usually doing this classic pose, body arched back, arms at sides at an angle facing outwards, legs at full extension about 20 degrees from each other.

If the power-up is making you float, you may as well point those toes. Hands in fists or curled are optional, as is screaming at the top of the lungs. It is highly recommended to add that extra layer of Bad Ass to any time one gains more power than they once had. This trope often serves as a visual indicator of the attainment of one's Super Mode.

Compare Meditation Power Up which is a more sedate posture that serves the same purpose.


Anime & Manga

  • Superman usually adopts a pose like this when he flies into the atmosphere to supercharge on solar energy. Probably helps the surface area for better absorption.
  • Several times when The Mighty Thor brings down a powerful storm he's done this.

Live-Action TV
  • Often used in many Sentai works during the Transformation Sequence.
  • Doctor Who: Used for practically all the times we've seen Time Lords or partial Time Lords regenerate on-screen since 2005.
  • Some demons on Supernatural do this when the black smoke which is their essence leaves the meat suit they're currently wearing.

  • The cover of the Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms novel Crown of Fire shows the main character Shandril Shessair using the title ability. See it here.

Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation
  • This pose is also adopted by some of the mane six when they use the power of the Elements of Harmony in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
    • When Twilight was transformed into an Alicorn she took this pose when the power entered her.
  • In Birdman cartoons, the title character adopts this pose when he recharges his solar energy by bathing in sunlight.

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