Der Kaiser himself inspects the soldiers of the German Army.

When Germany isn't shown as Oktoberfest, or All Germans Are Nazis, chances are it would be shown like this. The Theme Park Version of Imperial Germany (and Prussia in particular) during the late 19th century and World War I, these Germans are likely to be dour, industrious types with a love of war, honour and tradition and a hatred of fun and games. Other common features of the Kaiserreich are:

Not to be confused with Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, a Hearts of Iron II mod where the Kaiserreich wins World War I.


Anime and Manga

  • The planet on which the plot of Poul Anderson's "Among Thieves" is set is very clearly Prussia IN SPACE - inhabited by Germanic warriors led by a Junker-like aristocracy. The story's protagonist, a wily Chess Master who is clearly modeled on Bismark, manages to outwit and destroy the story's true villains - a culture of ruthless sadistic cannibals who delight in genocide - and gets the reader's full-hearted applause.

Comic Books
  • DC Comics has Baron Bedlam, an agent of Darkseid who fits the stereotype to a T. Why an alien "god" from another galaxy models himself after a bygone Earth culture is anybody's guess. (Note the character was created by Jack Kirby, who had a penchant for creating anachronistic characters.)

  • The latest Citroen ad (that's right, a French car), "Unmistakeably German- Made in France" invokes this one in spades. "Ride of the Valkyries", fencing, blond bloke and the Brandenburg Gate.


  • The Mass Effect fanfic series Uplifted plays straight with this trope, with the Prussian aristocracy forming the core of a coup against Hitler. However, the Prussians are viewed as arrogant and narrow minded against non Prussian officers. It is a fairly realistic portrayal of the period.

Newspaper Comics
  • Famous sports cartoonist Bill Gallo of the New York Daily News memorably renamed infamous Yankee owner George Steinbrenner as Prussian General von Steingrabber, complete with a thick accent and a pointy helmet. It became so popular that Steinbrenner posed as his Prussian alterego for a photoshoot.

  • City of Heroes Big Bad and resident The Chessmaster Nemesis is from Prussia. He uses only the most state of the art steampunk technology and even dresses his Evil Minions in Prussian military gear. Since he's a very high level villain, it can be quite humbling to have your team wiped by a bunch of guys looking like they belong to a marching band.

Tabletop Games
  • The Neu Swabian League, a supranational alliance of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland that's one of the Full Thrust superpowers, is Prussia IN SPACE complete with an emblem that's the Imperial Eagle given a sci-fi makeover. In an aversion of Prussia's usual portrayal, they are as close to "good guys" as you're getting in a Grey and Grey Morality setting.
  • In the tabletop RPG Castle Falkenstein, Prussia is the Evil Empire. Bismarck is basically The Dragon to the setting's Big Bad, The Adversary, Lord of the Unseelie.
  • The Chaos Dwarfs in Warhammer use mostly Mesopotamian imagery, with elaborate helmets, ziggurat temples, Persian style beards and bull-like monsters. But on second look, they are a rigidly disciplined race with advanced industry and love of firepower, especially heavy artillery. And many of their helmets have spikes on top. You can even find an old model of an artillery sergeant wearing a monocle.
    • The Reikland, political capital of the Empire, is strongly based on Prussia, keeping with the Germanic theme of the Empire.
  • Warhammer 40,000: When the Imperium of Man isn't cribbing from Ancient Rome or Soviet Russia under Stalin, they're probably aiming for this trope with the "confusion between which World War they're in" part Up to Eleven. The Death Corps of Kreig are a particular stand-out.

Video Games
  • Team Fortress 2 gives the German (rumored to be ex-Nazi) Medic an unlockable hat called the Prussian Pickelhaube.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent takes place in a castle in 19th Century Prussia. And it's evil.
  • In Europa Universalis III you can found Prussian beginning in the 1500s. To do this you have to convert to Protestantism, except, ironically if you play as the Teutonic Order, where you can keep the Catholic faith.

Web Comics

Web Original
  • As it starts out in the eighteenth century, it's unsurprising that Prussia makes an appearance in the Alternate History Look to the West. There was no Miracle of the House of Brandenburg in this timeline and Frederick the Great was killed at the Battle of Kunersdorf, meaning Prussia's ascendancy is halted. Prussia is then completely destroyed over a series of later wars, eventually being divided between Denmark and Saxony and its last king exiled to America.