Video Game / Grandia Xtreme

A 2002 Spinoff of the Grandia series. As the Grandia games were renowned for their exciting and dynamic battle system, a decision was made to make a game that focused almost entirely on combat. Unfortunately, this means that the story is threadbare and the gameplay largely involves grinding for levels, equipment and skills. There are only seven dungeons in the game, three of which are randomly generated.

A natural disaster known as the Elemental Disorder has thrown the world into chaos, forcing the Nortis Army to mobilise and search for a solution. A young Ranger named Evann is recruited to help in this endeavour, an offer that he is prepared to turn down until he discovers that his childhood friend and rival Kroitz is a high-ranking commander within the army. Accepting the mission, Evann must travel to the four elemental temples that lie across the world and investigate just what (or who) could be causing the Elemental Disorder.

Tropes associated with Grandia Xtreme:

  • Mythology Gag: The battle music from previous Grandia randomly change in Vortex Corridor.