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"iPdi". Well done. That's... exactly an iPad, but you've taken one extra chunk out of the apple. They'll never know!
Jim Sterling on Air Control

You know you've made it when your product keeps being parodied everywhere. Anyway, that's what Apple must be thinking.

You could go with a piece of hardware that has no logo... but come on, it's easy to parody Apple. Their symbol, an apple with a small section bitten off, is really easy to draw... and even easier to spoof. As is their name.

Which is probably why nowadays, many fictional computers, tablets, smartphones and other pieces of advanced technology bear a logo shaped like a fruit or another type of food. If it's not a fruit or a food of some kind, it'll still be a monochrome symbol of something recognizable or corresponding to the work's context. And the name could be [whatever letter]Phone. To make the reference even more obvious, the logo also has a small section bitten off.

A subtrope of Bland-Name Product, as it is clearly mocking the Apple logo or name. Also compare Everything Is an iPod in the Future. Of course, this is to avoid lawsuits, as are most bland name products. This trope becomes even funnier if that logo is on every type of electronic device the characters use.

Compare iProduct, where "i" is prefixed to things to make them cool and internet-y.


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     Anime and Manga 
  • In Digimon Adventure, Izzy has a laptop that not only has a pineapple logo, but has the whole "one half white, one half a color" motif of the early iBooks.
  • In Maid-Sama!, Misaki uses a laptop with a pear logo early on to do student council work.
  • Ouran High School Host Club has Kyouya use a laptop with a pineapple logo.

     Comic Books 

  • In the Young Wizards books, some younger human wizards have their guide in the form of a laptop. It looks like a Mac, except the apple is whole — which fits the symbolism of the story (it's linked to the fall being caused by biting an apple, so an unbitten apple represents the world without the fall)
  • In the Terry Pratchett's Hogfather screenplay book, there's a concept sketch of Magitek geek Ponder Stibbons studying a sketchbook resting on his lap. The cover of the book has a pineapple on it.
  • The Transformers: Shattered Glass prose stories have the characters using oPhones and oPods. Though it's somewhat justified in that the stories take place in a Bizarro Universe.

     Live-Action TV 
  • The Nick Verse series of shows by Dan Schneider started using a "Pear Company" parody in Drake & Josh and Zoey 101, but the use of the trope really exploded with follow up show iCarly and continued to be used in Victorious and Sam & Cat.
    • In iCarly, the stable of products and parodies grew to include the Pear Operating System, Pear Pod music players, Pear Phones, Pear Pad tablets, Pear TV, Pear Tunes music downloads and Pear Chat messaging service.
    • Freddie actually gets a job at a Pear Store in the imaginatively named episode "iPear Store", with a set that is a Pear knock-off of an Apple store.
    • Recursively, Sam and Cat has a Show Within a Show where someone is using a laptop with a banana logo. Sam then explains that they aren't allowed to use real Pear computers, so they replace it with a banana.
      • The title iCarly is taken from the whole 'i' prefix fad created by Apple.

    New Media 

     Newspaper Comics 
  • This trope actually predates Apple's rise in the domain of smartphones and tablets: in Bloom County, some characters use a Banana Jr. 9000 (or 6000), which parodied the Apple computers.
  • In FoxTrot, an iFruit was introduced as the Expy for the iMac (Andy chose it because it was cute/the color was about to be discontinued [coming off a Beanie Baby, er, Bitty baby kick]; it had to grow on Jason) but many Apple/Macintosh products were named normally before that. Another example comes when Jason constantly attempts at creating a Shoddy Knockoff Product of Apple, the JPad.
  • Get Fuzzy plays this straight; with one rare occasion of possible unintentional product-placement for Apple, most in-universe computers have a logo design that features a pear with a bite in it.

     Puppet Shows 
  • Sesame Street usually goes for the banana, but a couple of characters have custom logos: Cookie Monster's "Me-Phone" in the unbroadcast Mission: Impossible parody Munchin: Impossible has - of course - a cookie with a bite taken out of it, and Oscar has a laptop with an onion logo.

     Video Games 

     Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner:
    • One cartoon showed Bubs made people stand in line to get an iTem.
    • In another toon, Bubs thinks that the best way to "modernize" Strong Bad's image is to put a lowercase "i" in front of it, like iStrong or iBad. Strong Bad declines, saying they fell into the same trap with lowercase "e"s in The Nineties.
    • The Tandy 400, Strong Bad's computer at the start of the Strong Bad Emails series, is a mishmash of several ancient computers, but its logo (a rainbow-colored star with a bite taken from it) is a definite nod to Apple.
    • The Cheat uses computers which are obvious shout outs to actual Apple iMacs, complete with the same logo as Strong Bad's Tandy 400. Tangerine Dreams is an iMac G3, and Monosodium Dreams is a G5.

    Web Comics 
  • The laptop used by Catherine in Nellie Kitchen's Furry Experience has the ThunderCats sigil from the 1985 cartoon.
  • Kevin Dewclaw's laptop from Bill Holbrook's Kevin & Kell bears a carrot sigil (because he's a rabbit). There's a storyline where he gets a contract with Carrot Computers and we meet their lapine founder, Steve Lop.
  • Paranatural lampshades this in the alt-text:
    I am proud to be breaking into the "Just Like My Cat" and "Putting Different Fruit on the Back of Apple Product" genres of humor.

    Web Original 
  • In the Epic Rap Battles of History episode for Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates, the logo used is a strawberry.

     Western Animation 

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