Diabolical Dog Catcher

A Forgotten Trope, this trope describes an animal control agent who enjoy their job a little too much. He/she gets a sick thrill out of capturing stray dogs, imprisoning them and even putting the poor things down. A tag won't matter to these people and are likely to get rid of it so they can get the satisfaction their prisoners are not going to good homes and loving families.

Not a very popular trope among actual (modern day) dog catchers, who are more concerned about taking good care of stray animals and finding them a good home. This may have been more Truth in Television in the past, however, due to Values Dissonance on animal welfare.

See also Pounds Are Animal Prisons.


Comic Books
  • The Belch Dimension Comics' Will I. Ketchum seems to enjoy chasing Buddy a bit too much. A Flashback Cut Story shows they've been enemies since he was a puppy and he was svelte and young with a full head of hair. However, he isn't truly evil, just a misunderstood, beleaguered, underpaid civil servant slob. In a Pet the Dogcatcher story called "K-9 C.R.U.D.", Buddy actually helped Ketchum get his job back after it was threatened by the introduction of an automatic dogcatching robot.

  • Hotel for Dogs. The dog catchers seen throughout the film go about their job with sadistic glee. At one point, one of them says "Who cares about a bunch of dumb dogs?"
  • Madagascar: Europe's Most Wanted features a Monaco-based animal control agent named Chantel DuBois. DuBois goes way beyond her jurisdiction hunting down the main characters, not so she can lock them up, but so she can mount Alex's head on her wall (The wall itself is covered in all kinds of animal heads, suggesting she does this with all her targets).

Live-Action TV
  • One Hundred Deeds for Eddie McDowd features two dog catchers, both of whom go after their targets like a predator after prey. One of them even cackles maniacally while preparing to gas a stray.

Western Animation
  • The second season of the original Pound Puppies series has the dog-hating Katrina Stoneheart owning her own pound, and constantly trying to lock the Pound Puppies up in it.
  • The dog catcher from The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Life's Ruff".
  • In one episode of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, the Monster of the Week is said to be the ghost of a cruel dog-catcher who loved nothing more than catching dogs. Turns out he's really a guy who made treats for the Doo Family trying to get a priceless collar from Scooby.
    • Curiously, Scooby is pursued by a very much alive, though just as sociopathic, dogcatcher of the same name in a later short.
  • Averted in Martha Speaks: Kazuo is a kind, gentle person, who keeps the dogs comfortable and well-fed, and does everything he can to get them adopted by loving families. He even adopts an old bulldog called "Pops" when no-one else wants him.
  • Both Rude Dog and Grimmy had to contend with evil dogcatchers. R.D's even had an evil dog sidekick who thought nothing of selling out his fellow mutts.