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Heroic BSOD: Western Animation
What happens when an animated hero stops being so animated.

  • Hoodwinked:
    • Red Puckett takes off her cape and questions her purpose as a goody-maker after finding out that Granny has been lying and living a double-life. It has the unintentional consequence of her stumbling upon Boingo swiping Granny's recipes from the crime scene at the cottage, and her following him to his lair.
  • In Kim Possible, both Ron and Drakken have one after finding out that Snowman Hank has been cancelled.
    • Kim, when she saw cockroaches at the size of dogs.
  • In W.I.T.C.H., Hay Lin suffers a Heroic BSOD after believing that her grandmother Yan Lin has started serving Nerissa, and that her boyfriend has betrayed her as well. Hay Lin becomes depressed and nearly catatonic, culminating in a Transformation Sequence where her teammates call out their own elements happily, and Hay Lin just stands there, her head bowed. She gets out of it when she learns that the Yan Lin they've been fighting is actually a clone.
  • In an episode of The Fairly Oddparents, Timmy tells the Crimson Chin that he's only a comic book character, resulting in CC going into a Heroic BSOD where he is curled up in a ball crying for most of the episode feeling unimportant. He snaps back to normal when Timmy has a brush with death at the hands of his nemesis.
  • Fitz from Twelve Ounce Mouse goes through a BSOD after his best friend Skillet is killed. He completely gives up on everything, and wanders off to play a game of Pinball.
  • Happens to Leela from Futurama, when Fry jumps in front of her to save her from being impaled on the stinger of a giant killer bee, and apparently dies on the spot. This is made worse by the fact that not only did Fry die for her, but Leela ignored all of Fry's pleas to be careful, as well as all warning signs that their current expedition was a festering death trap, simply in order to appear tough. She spirals into a deep, guilt-ridden depression and loses her mind, becoming more and more deranged and confused as she is shoved through a series of nightmares involving Fry. In the end, it thankfully turns out to be just a coma fantasy, as the stinger went right through Fry (and the worst that happened to him was he had to get a spleen transplant) and pierced her, leaving her in a deep coma.
  • Dante Vale from Huntik has a BSOD when he gives up the amulets of power on the offchance that his enemy will save Metz, his mentor. Zahlia has to protect him for most of an episode as he's literally non responsive.
  • In the Hey Arnold! episode "Phoebe's Little Problem", she unwittingly farts in the microphone after accepting her award at school due to eating a whole tin of Arnold's grandmother's prune cookies, greatly embarrassing herself, leading to Arnold and the others trying to help her through her crisis.
  • Kyle suffers one of these on South Park after Cartman convinces him to see The Passion of the Christ, claiming that it "proves" the Jews killed Jesus. The Jewish Kyle is horrified at what he sees, to the point where he becomes ashamed of his Jewish heritage, just as Cartman had hoped (while Stan and Kenny are pissed that they got ripped off over seeing a Christian snuff film and demand their money back).
    • Kyle goes through an even nastier BSOD in "Cartmanland" where Cartman spends the million dollars he got from his dead grandmother on an amusement park that no one but him could go to. Cartman, being the usual jerk that he is, denies his friends access to the park. Kyle tries to sneak into the park, but fails due to the massive pain his hemorrhoids are giving him. Kyle's condition grows worse when he sees a television ad for Cartmanland with Cartman proudly declaring no one, not even Stan or Kyle, is allowed in. Kyle then renounces his faith in God and slowly gives up on life, allowing himself to slowly die to his infection. It isn't until Cartman actually suffers for his karma that Kyle snaps out of it.
    • Stan gets a really bad one in "Raisins" after Wendy broke up with him, which made him become one of the Goths. He gets better after Butters gives him and the other Goths a pep talk.
  • Suffered by Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003) twice. The first time occurs after he is badly beaten and almost killed by the Foot Clan, which leaves him comatose and melancholy afterwards. The second time occurs after the turtles are handily defeated and have to resort to sacrificing themselves just to stop the Big Bad from winning. This necessity is fortunately prevented, but just the idea that the situation got that bad disturbs Leonardo. As the Big Brother, he blames himself for failing his family and goes into a self-destructive spiral, training obsessively, forcing his brothers to do likewise, and being surly and moody in general. It takes 13 episodes of not listening to Splinter, a literal journey, and a Star Wars-esque "yourself behind the Vader mask" moment to get Leonardo to recover his senses.
  • Dot Matrix of ReBoot has one of these after losing important data to Megabyte. Phong realizes that Dot has lost her confidence, and instigates an It's a Wonderful Plot to help her come to her senses.
  • In the TaleSpin episode "A Bad Reflection on You", Baloo does this after a. realizing the award Shere Khan gave him is meaningless and b. getting captured by Don Karnage and his Air Pirates. However, he recovers when he learns that Kit still has faith in him.
    • Rebecca has a more comical variant in "I Only Have Ice For You", breaking down sobbing after she realises her guidebook to flying is useless and has gotten everyone captured by the Sky Pirates. Played more seriously later on when she admits rather humbly to Baloo that she's a much worse pilot than him and (supposedly) ruined their delivery, even he seems rather touched by this.
  • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated makes its version of Fred Jones somewhat prone to these. Probably to make up for him being much more skilled with traps and slightly more Genre Savvy than his previous versions.
  • The DVD movie Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur starts off with Shaggy having a BSOD. Scooby-Doo And The Goblin King has Velma — of all people — collapsing and fainting after seeing the supernatural maelstrom the Amazing Krudsky created.
  • Soren in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole has this after he kills Metalbeak.
  • DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam had Billy Batson suffer one of these after Black Adam offered him a Sadistic Choice between his own life and the life of a hostage. Adam then attempts to kill both Billy and the hostage, and would have succeeded if Superman hadn't interfered. The BSOD only lasted for a few moments though, and after it passed, well, one magic word later it got REALLY ugly for Adam.
  • The Powerpuff Girls
    • Blossom had one on when one of her plans backfired, something Mojo Jojo tried to exploit.
    • Buttercup had one in an episode where she lost her Security Blanket.
    • In the episode "All Chalked Up", Bubbles has one of these when her drawings of monsters come to life. Blossom and Buttercup end up having to start the fight without her.
  • 2D of Gorillaz has a couple, most notably when he was drugged and kidnapped by Murdoc. In the "Stylo" music video he can be seen slouching helplessly in the car as they speed toward Plastic Beach, chanting, "overload, overload, overload, comin' up to the overload..."
  • In the Recess episode "I Will Kick No More Forever", Vince underwent a massive Heroic BSOD (of the severe depression type) after his best kick was not only beaten out, but beaten out by an Ashley, who not only doesn't even regularly play Kickball, but isn't even playing it seriously (she basically kicked it all the way to Communist Chinanote  nonchalantly while she was speaking on her cell phone). It literally had to take TJ and his friends some severe talks to Vince (as well as almost faking out his kick to making him feel better with a more bouncy ball than usual) to not only get him out of the Heroic BSOD, but also for him to manage in doing an unprecedented account of kicking the ball outside of the stratosphere.
  • Billy from Adventure Time (voiced by Lou Ferrigno) retires to his legendary crack after reasoning that bad things will keep happening despite his efforts. Finn and Jake help him get better.
  • In Young Justice, the events of "Failsafe" caused various Heroic BSODs throughout the episode, from Wally's reaction to Artemis's death to M'Gann's reaction to... well, everything. In fact, the following episode "Disordered" is all about them coming to terms with the trauma and taking steps to get past their respective BSODs. Luckily for them, there are totally therapists.
    • Beast Boy has a small one in season two when he comes across a landscape that causes him to have flashbacks about his mother's murder.
    • Later M'Gann suffers another in "Before The Dawn" after she mind rapes Kaldur, realising he's still good and never killed Artemis, but leaving him comatose. She can barely function for the rest of the episode out of guilt.
      • For many episodes afterwards she's terrified to use her psychic powers for anything other than bare minimum. Even a fellow Martian who specfically gives her permission to probe his mind (to prove he's not lying to them) has to basically force his memories into her instead, because she's too nervous to pry very deeply.
  • Dee Dee, though not necessarily a hero, has one in Dexter's Laboratory, in the episode "Down In the Dumps" when she loses Mr. Fuzzums.
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode "I Am The Night", Batman suffers one when his annual visit to Crime Alley (and the spot where his parents died) lead to him being late for a sting operation, leading to Commissioner Gordon being severely wounded, leading to Bruce quit being Batman. It wasn't until the criminal who shot Gordon escaped and a disgusted Robin decided to go after him that Bruce started to snap out of it and Gordon's own doubts about the sting helped him come to for good.
  • Scrooge McDuck routinely has these on DuckTales, particularly when it involves him losing (or coming close to losing) all his wealth. "A sea monster ate my ice cream!" anyone?
  • In The Boondocks, Huey Freeman has three of these. The first is when Huey is given a chance to direct the school's Christmas play and crafts it to adhere to his unique vision. The principal however, insists that Jesus not be portrayed as black, despite the name of Huey's play being "The Adventures of Black Jesus", leading to a stymied and demoralized Huey abandoning the project the night before the play.
    • The second time is when Huey tries to save his friend, Shabazz K. Milton Berle from death row. However, his plan is thwarted at the last minute when he can't get a ride from his grandfather, who instead decides to talk some sense into Uncle Ruckus at his "revival" meeting, leading to Huey standing on a hillside and praying to God, while shedding tears for the first time.
    • The third time and probably Huey's biggest Heroic BSOD ever is during Barack Obama's election where Obama is asked about Huey Freeman, to which he responds that Huey doesn't stand for what he stands for, and that he denounces, repudiate, and condemns him. This leads to Huey's indifference Obama, where he "retires" from his role as a "domestic terrorist". Of course, this doesn't go well with the public, who are in such awe of Obama at the time, that a simple "Eh" from Huey draws the ire of a large crowd of black people, which leads to a national protests against Huey, where protesters burn an effigy of him. Because of this, Huey feels there is no room for him in Obama's America, so he decides to leave the country. However, he plan is once again thwarted because he once again cannot get a ride. While the Obama phenomenon has died down, Huey still remains retired throughout the rest of the season, including the season finale.
      • Coincidentally, Huey also has a Heroic BSOD is the same degree in the comics, when he receives enough negative responses from his 15-page Santa Conspiracy Report, leading to a series of comic strips where he "officially hates everything".
      • Luckily, Michael Cesar is introduced into the comic strip, restoring Huey's faith in his revolution.
  • Danger Mouse has a BSOD at the end of "Close Encounters Of The Absurd Kind" when he finds out that the craft that kidnapped him and Penfold wasn't Baron Greenback's Frog's Head Flyer but a UFO.
  • Two notable examples in Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • In the Season One episode, Storm Over Ryloth, Ahsoka gets one when she loses most of her squadron and failing to break through the blockade over Ryloth. She snaps out of it in the episode's third act.
    • In the Season Five episode, The Lawless, Obi-Wan gets this when Darth Maul murders Duchess Satine.
  • In King of the Hill, Hank goes through one when the chemicals Dale used to kill some fire ants also kills the grass on his lawn. At one point, Hank sits on a lawn chair and doesn't bother to move when the sprinklers go off, even when he starts sinking into the mud.
  • Twilight Sparkle gets a huge one in the second episode of the second season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. After spending half the episode trying to stop Discord, Twilight is finally broken, corrupted, and loses her colors after the initial attempt to use the Elements against him fails and her friends' behavior proves too much for her. She snaps out of it after reading the friendship reports that she originally sent to Princess Celestia one season earlier.
    • In Flight to the Finish, Scootaloo has this after her failure to fly despite countless tries.
    • In Equestria Games, the revelation that Twilight needed to help Spike light the Equestria Games torch sends him into a depression for a majority of the episode.
  • Family Guy episode: The end of Life of Brian has the Griffin Family with this when Brian Dies. The reaction... well, if you thought the Red Wedding episode from Game of Thrones had people talking, at least the the book it was based upon didn't spark much protest since the viewers knew it was coming.
  • Aang has one when Appa is kidnapped midway through Season 2 of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He abandons his friends to go find him, and when that fails he acts much more antagonistic than his normal Keet mode. Eventually, he decides that pretending to not feel anything will make things better (it doesn't) and it takes the birth of a baby for him to finally snap out of it.

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