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Head Scratchers: SCP Foundation
For reference, the FAQ is here, and "The Leak", a thread where authors reveal secrets about their SC Ps that they didn't put in the articles, is here.

  • So, anyone got an official explanation of why My Little Pony is forbidden? I'm just wondering, because I had a funny idea about adding Pinkie Pie as a SCP, as seen here: SCP - 2378
    • Because it isn't scary, funny, or clever. Most importantly, it's not original.
    • The reason is probably twofold. One, the fanbase is notorious for their memes, with unregulated topical discussions often devolving into those. And two, the Hatedom is similarly crazy and will be sparked if any MLP material shows up. Think of it as another thing to secure, contain, and protect us from.
    • Very defensive fandom, very offensive hatedom. Not a very good combination.
    • Also, creating an SCP that's obviously something from another show is generally frowned upon.
    • SCP derived from pop culture are strongly frowned upon. Even as -J, with one notable exception.
    • Ponies are one of several subjects not allowed in the main site19 chat because they reliably derail the conversation away from SCP stuff. Attempting to make an SCP of a character or object from a work of fiction you don't own will get your article deleted with no grace period for plagiarism.
  • Why hasn't anyone tried showing a picture of 096 to 053?
    • Maybe they don't want to risk another breach. Besides, this proposed experiment becomes a problem when you realize that 096 and 053 are basically both a Hand Wave (096 can become invincible, 053 can cause death in anything) so... Maybe they don't WANT to know what would happen.
    • It really depends on how 096 actually works. Is its invincibility an anomalous property, or are its bones just really durable? If it's the latter, 053's effect would certainly kill it. If it's the former, then the question is still up in the air.
  • Couldn't they just feed the really dangerous ones to 682?
    • They might make it stronger.
    • They secure, contain, and protect. They don't destroy, destroy, and destroy. That's the Global Occult Coalition's job.
      • And mind you, they have a history of making things worse by trying to destroy them.
    • They try to destroy stuff with conventional weapons first, see the Anamolous Items log for all the harmless things destroyed by the foundation like the Slow-motion Mouse or Steve Jobs' Horcrux.
  • Things like SCP-1958 are articles which only seem to be there for tear jerker or nightmare fuel effects. That said, what exactly IS its anomalous property? It's just sad as hell, but nothing about it is that odd (other than it being a space bus).
    • How the hell is a //spaceship bus// not anomalous?
      • To me, it seems like classifying a space shuttle as an SCP.
      • One could argue that the microbus being launched in 1958 with technology based on theories not developed until many decades after the launch date is what makes it anomalous.
      • The Foundation doesn't only secure and protect the human race's continued existence, they also protect the human perception of what the world is, i. e. a place without flying buses.
  • I know that they discontinued further testing between 173 and 682, but...why? It's clearly been shown that 682 will do ANYTHING it can to keep its eyes on 173, and 173 obviously can't move if being watched. Why don't they just keep 682 and 173 in the same room? It would prevent further breaches of either SCP, so...why not?
    • There isn't a canon, and it's not a particularly interesting conclusion to the story. Plus, cross-testing is dumb.
      • I know that neutralizing 682 and 173 would be impractical article-wise, I mean practically, if the SCP foundation was real.
      • Cross-testing isn't "dumb", it's disliked by the majority of the regular userbase. Partly because it's been overused, partly because it's disliked by several visible and highly-placed users/admins and thus it's considered wise to echo the sentiment. There's a difference between something being unpopular and/or not a wise idea for various reasons and it being "dumb".
    • Given how 682's schtick is adapting to survive anything, it's possible they're afraid it will eventually figure out a way to adapt to destroy 173 or something similar. And while yes, that would mean that 173 isn't around anymore to be dangerous, I doubt having a 682 that is now powerful enough to kill 173 is much better.
    • Who says 682 would use the eye trick once more only? Maybe after a couple days of this treatment it gets tired, and adapts by creating a wave that turns the walls transparent, showing the researches to 173 who then breaches containment.
  • Speaking of things that would be practical in real life but not so in the story, has anyone ever thought about telling/convincing 239 that she has no powers? If she believes them, then in theory, her powers would either disappear or be disabled because reality would correct itself according to her beliefs.
    • Well, they already told her her powers were limited to a certain number of spells. Besides, according to the page, reality bends according to her desires, not her beliefs, something that seemingly nobody ever gets correct.
      • Well then, considering what the Foundation is like, why don't they manipulate things so that 239 unwittingly does something to make her no longer want her powers? It worked for getting the overseers to terminate 096, after all.
  • Why is 087 classified as Euclid? It can't escape, can't directly hurt anyone, and can't move. It's a freakin' stairwell.
    • The answer to that lies within the Exploration IV document, which is expunged.
    • It's not so much the fact that it's a stairwell, so much as the fact of the thing that lives there. And as above, why that thing is dangerous has been expunged.
    • It's something that they don't completely understand that harmed a person that went down. Euclid can also include items that they are unpredictably dangerous.
    • The classification is based on a combination of how dangerous it is and how difficult it is to contain. It's still in the building where they found it and the knocking from inside the door after Exploration IV suggests it could be harder to contain than they originally thought.
  • The way they terminate D-Class personnel at the end of each month seems kind of stupid and malicious on the Foundation's part. You'd think given the high turnover rate they wouldn't want to do away with whatever D-Class personnel they have left at the end of each month. The near sociopathy of the Foundation aside, it just seems incredibly wasteful.
    • If there was any possible way for D-class to survive their encounter with the foundation, it might hesitate to kill them as necessary. And since this Crapsack World apparently has a near-infinite supply of capital criminals to sacrifice for the greater good. . .
      • But the problem is they're explicitly doing away with these guys at the end of the month, so that implies there must at least occasionally be some left at the end of the month. I can't really think of a reason they'd want to do something like that, it serves no purpose aside from forcing them to "recruit" just a little bit more D-Class personnel each month.
      • They don't always terminate them. If they offer a D-Class a pardon for helping they will probably get the pardon. If they survive. The reason they don't keep them is because of the potential for cross-contamination.
      • To quote the FAQ guide:
      Do all D-class really get terminated at the end of the month? Are they really all death row inmates? Isn't that canon? Not quite. Yes, writers agree that in-universe, these beliefs are standard. However, many writers believe that this is just a "party line" told to researchers so they don't object to subjecting these people to horrible things. Many believe that D-class are not killed at the end of the month, but instead mind-wiped and reassigned to another site. Or that the Foundation clones them using SCPs. Or that the Foundation adds political dissidents, homeless people, or people from third-world countries to the ranks of D-Class.
      • One article posits that particularly useful D-class with uncommon skillsets that turn out to be useful in dealing with one or more SC Ps are upgraded to "B-class"... they're basically still considered expendable like D-class, but they're exempt from end-of-month termination. It'd be a nice thing to catch on.
      • D-class personnel are an escape risk, especially if they hang around long enough to learn things. Plus, they might have to schedule new recruits in advance and so any unexpectedly left over put them over capacity and increases the risk of a riot or escape. Also, they interact directly with poorly-understood SC Ps, so they're at significant risk of memetic contamination and buildup of long-term effects. Most articles involving studying long-term effects specifically mention that the test subjects have been granted a stay of execution. I'm fairly dubious that they actually pardon the D-class personnel who are offered pardons, although generally they only offer them to incentivize people to participate in the latest round of "Expose D-class personnel to the SCP in order to study how they die" and thus the question of whether to follow through rarely comes up. They probably do transfer any of them who survives doing something especially spectacular to site security or being a bottom-level research assistant, though.
  • With how focused they are on killing 682, why don't they have SCP-294, which can dispense any liquid, dispense something that will kill 682?
    • They did, it had the same effect as a nuclear bomb.
    • (OP) Yeah, I noticed that when I read over SCP-294 in detail instead of just skimming. However, couldn't they specify something along the lines of "kills 682, while having no ill effect on anything or anyone else" ?
      • No, because there isn't something that kills 682 without being incredibly dangerous. (That or a new SCP would be made)
      • Or they don't want SCP-294 to become a Literal Genie that finds a way to cause the end of the world anyway but make sure everybody is "unharmed."
      • Or they'd get an out or range error. As for killing 682, the first thing that could 'kill 682' that they asked for created a massive explosion. And just because you get something that can kill 682, doesn't mean the foundation knows how to use it (if I asked for something that can kill a human, and was given a gun, doesn't mean I have the ammunition). Or that it wouldn't cause another mega-explosion like the first time they asked for it. Or maybe it can kill 682, but only if it doesn't use it's adaptation ability. There's always a reason why it wouldn't work.
      • Uhhhmmmm, you can't cause the end of the world without harming at least a good number of people.
      • Perhaps 294 would produce a liquid that consumes non-biological material (Since 682 is implied to not be "alive" in any reasonable sense of the word). Humans would be unharmed, but the Earth would be completely consumed and everyone on Earth would die soon after from lack of oxygen.
      • Hence the "or anything" part. And that would still harm a lot of people.
      • Prior experience with other reality-altering or wish-granting SC Ps indicates that it's fairly likely doing that would either simply fail or generate something that does not kill SCP-682.
      • Actually, in SCP: Containment Breach, you can literally order something to destroy SCP-682, and it vaporizes the entire site (including SCP-682, presumably) except for SCP-294 and the five meters of area surrounding the SCP for some reason.
  • How do you pronounce the word "Keter"?
    • Rhyming with 'heater', apparently.
    • Some authors seem to think so. Others rhyme it with 'better', which is compatible with the original Hebrew.
  • On SCP-173, there is the following line: "The reddish brown substance on the floor is a combination of feces and blood. Origin of these materials is unknown. The enclosure must be cleaned on a bi-weekly basis." Its that last sentence that makes me puzzled: why is it necessary to clean the room? The room is completely sealed, so the smell can't be a problem and I doubt the SCP itself would be adversely affected by getting left in the uncleaned room. It seems like a unnecessary thing to risk a breach over...
    • The SCP produces the substance. What do you think the SCP does if there's enough of the substance around?
    • Hm, I never actually thought about that, but now it seems obvious: if the substance fills the room, no one can see 173. Not even the cameras.
  • SCP-343 (fairly certain that's the correct number) is...well, basically, God. Why not just ask if he/she/it can destroy SCP-682?
    • They did. He said that since he didn't create it, it's not his problem.
  • Why don't they try telling SCP-239 that SCP-682 is dead?
    • It's possible that they did, but either her powers didn't work or SCP-682 is not even biologically alive in the first place.
      • Several experiments on 682 do seem to indicate its status as "living", by humans' understanding of the condition, is ambiguous at best.
    • Plus they'd have to explain to her that SCP-682 exists and what it is. What if she asks where it came from? What if she thinks there is a planet it came from? What if she thinks the planet's inhabitants are preparing to invade Earth?
    • They want to limit interaction between 239 and other researchers as possible, in case she perceives them as a friend.
    • 239's powers aren't based on what she believes, they're based on what she wants, something that seemingly nobody ever gets correct. Furthermore, it can only affect what she sees, meaning that they'd have to get the two in the same room, where 682 can easily just kill her.
      • If her powers are based on wants and not beliefs, then why does Clef want to kill her? Does she /want/ him to kill her? Or is it because she believes he wants to kill her?
      • She doesn't know Clef wants to kill her. Presumably she has to be consciously aware that she wants reality to be altered in some way. Not that it matters seeing as how Clef can't be affected by reality-warping.
      • Clef is immune to reality-warping powers, for unknown reasons.
  • Is there any part of the site that identifies where the pictures for the articles come from? I can recognize some, but I'm curious as to where a few others are from.
    • You could always use Google's "search by image" function.
      • That works great! Thanks!
    • Or, if you're looking for the original pic of 682, try typing "Moscow Monster" into google images.
  • When agents encounter an SCP that's human, they seem to leave him or her in what is essentially solitary confinement for life. Even accomodating everything the Foundation can do to keep them satisfied, the fact that they're by themselves could cause all sorts of psychological problems. There are at least a few people who have potentially world-ending powers they'd never use because they're so nice. The last thing you want to do is turn them psychotic enough to apply said world-ending powers. If the primary purpose is to prevent the outside world of knowing of what they're capable of, then among the ones with enough control to maintain a normal appearance, wouldn't it be better to let them travel about and socialize, as long as they remain monitored and never let anyone know of the Foundation or their abilities? In other words, why doesn't the Foundation have some counterpart to probation? The clairvoyants would appreciate it very much, for instance, or the super-lucky guy, though I'd understand that cases like the cell-shedding baby or the cyborg girl require total solitary confinement.
    • Sooner or later somebody would get hit by a bus or something and things might begin to go very, very wrong.
    • Super Lucky Guy can't be released because according to Addendum 1-A-07X█, his (involuntary) power isn't just being lucky, it's like he leaches the luck out of everyone around him.
    • Also, read the article on humanoid SCPs. Secure, Contain, Protect. Nothing about comfort. Containment procedures are usually about how to keep the subjects contained and unable to use their powers, so that's covered.
    • Plus, just because an SCP appears safe doesn't mean it is. Just look at 1048, it was thought to be a harmless teddy bear until they found out it kills people and makes new teddy bears out of their bodies.
  • They can already contain 682 pretty well. Why not just duplicate the containment chamber, launch 682 towards the nearest black hole, and be done with him? He may be able to escape and evolve solar sails, but he wouldn't be able to catch up to the Earth and it's natural momentum. Furthermore, if it doesn't escape, then it would be functionally destroyed upon reaching a black hole. Even something as bizarre as 682 still seems to be bound to the rules of physics, unlike other SCPs. This is even mentioned in the experiment log with SCP-123, but discarded because of some nebulous concerns.
    • When they hurled it into the sun, it came back on fire. I don't think anyone wants to find out what would happen if it returned after being exposed to something that can absorb light itself.
      • That is actually a SCP story joke, that doesn't count as canon!
      • The only canon is there is no canon.
    • 682 mostly sneers at the laws of physics, as demonstrated by the cross-test with SCP-536. 682 will definitely survive the black hole, and will most likely eventually find its way back to Earth. Also, even the current containment is imperfect and requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Launching the whole chamber in space, with 682 not breaking free during any of the intermittent steps, like transportation and what not, is next to impossible.
    • What if it evolves capacity for Faster-Than-Light Travel? Then we're really fucked.
  • How is it that seeing a photograph where SCP-096 takes up all of 4 pixels on it is enough to get it to target you, yet blurring it's face a little on bigger pictures is just fine and dandy? Also, how did any pictures where SCP-096 get censored anyways? You have to be looking at his face to block it out.
    • Facial recognition software. Program that to blur out its face and Bob's your uncle.
    • In my experience, applying Fridge Logic to an SCP and pointing out holes in their abilities is a good way to make them less scary.
    • It's the exact same thing as why blinking with one eye doesn't stop 173 - the Foundation has no idea why. As for the censoring, presumably they're having D-Classes surf Google Images with the SCRAMBLE goggles in a room right next to 096's. Or something along those lines.
    • When you're seeing those pixels, you're seeing its face uninterrupted, even if it's not enough to realize what it is. The blur is deliberately interrupting being able to see its face. That's apparently the important difference.
  • So what is the difference between a memetic hazard and a cognitohazard, exactly? This has puzzled me for quite some time.
    • In order to be a memetic hazard, the negative effect has to be caused by a certain piece of anomalous information (e.g. a certain phrase or image) that causes what's basically an anomaous glitch in the brain, and can thus be passed from person t person by that information. That's why a lot of memetic effects can be cured with amnestics. A cognitohazard is just a thing what screws with you head wthout you having to know a specific thing, and thus can't usually be cured by wiping the memory of it. An infohazard is an anomalous piece of information that, if known, doesn't screw with you brain, but causes something else bad to happen.
    • For an example of the difference, a telepathic signal that causes someone to attempt to release an SCP object would be a cognitohazard. If showing the message to someone else without using telepathy causes them to attempt to release the SCP object, then it would also be memetic. Otherwise it would not be.
  • Why doesn't the foundation just have SCP-076-2 attack SCP-682? Supposedly SCP-076-2 is the most powerful being in the foundation.
    • They already tried that. SCP-076-2 considered it the best fight he had had in ages.
    • 682 has already fought Able, and won. Also, it's not the most powerful being. It's the most powerful human in containment, but there's a ton of beings that are way, way more powerful (For starters, 343, 239, 682, 017, most versions of 001, etc.)
  • If 173 is basically living concrete, then what's keeping someone in the program from, say, grabbing a pickaxe and going Minecraft on its ass?
    • Because it's very rare for the Foundation to actively try to destroy something. 173 is in the category of "dangerous but containable."
    • Also they had the example of SCP-1609, a friendly sentinent chair that was smashed by the GOC and now exists as a mass of angry wood and metal splinters that can only be calmed by using it in a flowerbed as mulch and having people commenting on the prettiness of the site. Do you really want to know what could do the cement powder of SCP-173 if it was destroyed?
  • A thought this troper has is, which SCP is overall the most dangerous? In terms of how hard it is to contain, incapacitate, what it can do, etc?
    • That question is impossible to answer. All SCP's have the potential for disaster if things go out of hand. Yes, even SCP-458. Many people believe it's SCP-682, but he's actually pretty easy to contain. Same rule applies to SCP-173; it can't do jack if a lot of people look at it at once. SCP-076-2 is incredibly powerful, but it is possible to kill him, and he's pretty friendly when he's calm. SCP-343 is literally God, but enjoys being in the foundation. It is impossible to know what SCP-055 is. SCP-507 is an incredibly Nice Guy, but you do not want to touch him for possibility of falling into another dimension. SCP-1548 is a sapient star that wants to perform a Colony Drop on Earth. Even SCP-427, which is meant to heal and strengthen anyone who uses it, will turn you into a flesh beast if it's abused. A popular theory is that SCP-001 is the most dangerous, but since no one knows what it is, it's impossible to tell. Again, your question cannot possibly be answered.
  • The Hateful Star stands out as being particularly bad news. It seems to be a sentient, mobile, really angry star. It has made its intention to come to Earth and kill everybody pretty clear, and is moving in our direction very fast. Even if it has no anomalous methods of attack, it could easily destroy the planet just by getting close enough. But wait, there's more! The Hateful Star also somehow has tremendous knowledge of apparently the entire Foundation. Worst of all is what is revealed by the fact that its flashes (in Morse code) take several thousand years to arrive. It can somehow see thousands of years into the future and know exactly when particular researchers are going to be observing it!
    • The only one I can think of who isn't dangerous would be Cassy, and it's implied that she's only in containment because the Foundation didn't know what else to do with her.
      • There are plenty of harmless SC Ps. For example, the guy with an Abdominal Planet, A Formerly-Winged Horse, "The World's Best TothBrush", Iris, the sideways-falling rock, the Brittle Boy (well, he's harmless to others), Eye Pods, the Star-Eyed Child, the living paper crane, Josie the half-cat...
      • The World's Best Toth Brush is harmless? A toothbrush that can erase from existence any solid it comes into contact with isn't dangerous?
    • The answer might be SCP-2317, the sixth tab.
      • That, however, is the version specifically for O5's. Since all other entries are written for lower-level employees, we really can't know how many others are secretly equally dangerous.
  • About Code Brown AKA Bright Family reunion... A reunion with whom? SCP-321, SCP-590 and Dr. Bright AKA SCP-963?
  • If the SC Ps are numbered in order of discovery, then why is Cassy listed before 914 when 914 created Cassy?
    • Both in and out of universe, if a number becomes available, an SCP can be added there. So, if the previous 085 was deleted out of universe/decommissioned in-universe, then any new SCP could be put there in its place.
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