Funny / WordGirl

  • From "Field Day Fun with Robo-Tobey":
    Mrs. Ripley: Are you ready to have FUN!?
    Kids: Yeah!
    Mrs. Ripley: Are you ready to WIN PRIZES!?
    Kids: Yeah!
    Mrs. Ripley: Are you ready to exercise in the spirit of healthy competition with the goal of raising class unity and generating a cohesive community built in trust in ourselves and respect for others!?
    Kids: (silence)
    Scoops: Yeah!
  • Chuck throwing a fit when his mother interrupts him watching his program, "Dollars for Dollars," a game show where "contestants trade dollars for other dollars."
  • From "Bend it Like Becky":
    Dr. Two-Brains: (Getting his picture taken) Cheese! Photo please! How's it look? Wow, that's good, put that one on a mousepad. (Suddenly lurches toward Becky, laughing maniacally) MOUSEPAD!!!
  • The Bat Signal, from "The Homerun King".
    • TJ's Epic Fail at trying to stop Dr. Two-Brains with a baseball.
  • Becky's attempt at singing and dancing in "Tiny Big".
  • The attempts to find the right name for a half-pegasus, half unicorn creature.
    Violet: "Pega-corn-a-uni-corni-un!"
  • "Leslie! Make me a sandwich. That is your mission."
  • "The only ice cream we want is the ice cream of justice! That sounded better in my head!"
  • The Left the Background Music On incidents in "The Young and the Meatless".
    • Word Girl Breaking the Fourth Wall and screaming "You're not turning my show into a soap opera!"
    • The Narrator trying to say "Lady Redundant Woman" and getting tongue-tied.
    • When Word Girl is confused at why no one wants to know what "interrupted" means, Lady Redundant Woman explains that they already know what it means. Frustrated, Word Girl defines it anyway.
    • When The Butcher traps Word Girl, Captain Huggyface, and Lady Redundant Woman in a cage of meat:
    The Butcher: Finally, Dupey, we're alone.
    Word Girl: We're still here!
    The Butcher: Close enough.
    Dupey: We can never be together. I'm a vegetarian. (leaves)
    The Butcher: NOOOOOOOOO!!! Wait, what does "vegetarian" mean?
    Word Girl: It means someone who doesn't eat meat.
    The Butcher: Thanks. NOOOOOOOOO!!!
  • Two-Brains getting attacked from behind in one of the shorts by Huggyface and he is left on the ground with his butt in the air and his eyes at different directions.
    • Also in "A Better Mouse Trap-Part 2" he does some sort of victory dance while moving his back and revealing some weird noodle-like body with his butt again in the air.
  • In the episode "Seymour - Right After This", Seymour keeps delaying to reveal the winning number, driving Mr. and Mrs. Botsford crazy. Mrs. Botsford, the most.
  • In "Leslie Makes It Big", all the villains congratulate Leslie and line up to high-five her. When she gets to Amazing-Rope-Guy, she leaves him hanging.
    • When Leslie boasts that Word Girl cannot possibly figure out her scheme, she figures it out right away.
    • Mr. Big getting distracted by a giant stuffed bunny.
  • The Butcher's word mispronunciations are always amusing, but the best ones have to be when he actually says a different word instead, completely changing the meaning of his statement. The best example would have to be in "Granny May's Book Club". After Granny catches Word Girl and brings her and Huggy to the Villain Association to prove she doesn't have to retire, he proclaims "Now she doesn't have to respire!" Word Girl's deadpan correction and definition of "respire" just makes it even better.
  • In "The Rise of Miss Power", just when we think Mr. Botsford Took a Level in Badass and is about to save the day... we find that he's still Too Dumb to Live and he just did something totally useless.
    • Amazing-Rope-Guy failing to escape during the mass prison breakout.
    • Exposition Guy constantly finding WordGirl and Miss Power, even when they try hiding in the sky.
  • "Chuck's Brother":
    WordGirl: But you shouldn't be envious of Brent. Just because Brent is popular and successful, that doesn't mean you're not popular and successful in your own way.
    Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy: Really? How am I successful?
    WordGirl: Uh, see you caught me by surprise there...
  • From "House Arrest": Chuck having a conversation with Becky and WordGirl "at the same time."
  • From "Monkey Business": Becky "almost" realizes she forgot Huggy at the last battle many times, but the last one where she realizes she forgot to get the mail! Did you "see" how much she swung her arms walking to the door?
  • In "The Meaty Dimension", Violet getting "very serious" in painting WordGirl and Captain Huggyface.
  • Everything the Narrator has ever said.
  • In "Granny's Pet Plan", the old man and the little girl keep poking at Violet after Granny May accuse her of being the thief.
  • In the episode "Victoria is the Best... WordGirl?", when WordGirl and Captain Huggyface arrive at Victoria's house, she tries to use her signature hypnotic recorder on them, but they've come prepared with earmuffs. Victoria counters by hooking her recorder up to a guitar amplifier, which (somehow) lets her play the recorder at a super high volume, knocking WordGirl and Huggyface back.