Funny / Wild Kratts

  • "Mom of a Croc:" Martin has named all the unborn crocodiles with male names... then when he notes the temperature—which is revealed to determine the gender—he immediately has to change all the names because now all the crocodiles will be born as GIRLS.
  • "The Blue and the Grey:" Martin's reaction to getting turned into a tree is pretty funny, even though everyone is worried about how much that's not supposed to happen.
    • Or Chris being a Grey Squirrel squeaking out, "Bury acorns! Bury acorns!" when he's supposed to be finding a cure for his brother's problem.
      • Compounded by Martin's annoyed and completely deadpan reaction to this.
    • Aviva and Koki finally undo the transformation - and every animal that has climbed on Martin as a tree is perched in a precarious tower on his shoulders, including the bear. The crew explains the acorn trees' importance to various animals, unfazed by Martin swaying and hopping around to keep his balance until he bumps into the beaver that previously chewed on his bark. Then he and the tower topple.
  • "Cheetah Racer:" While everyone else is making a vehicle that can reach cheetah speed, Chris—who's used his creature power suit to become a gazelle—is pretty much being chased by a hungry cheetah. Made funnier that he has to run with gazelle legs.
  • "Flight of the Draco": Chris unfortunately having a problem landing as a Draco Lizard—so he slams into a tree and falls.
    • Or previously, when Chris, cross-eyed, sees 'pretty' draco lizards swirling around his head after he fell.
    • Martin as Donita's unwilling model.
    Donita: Smoochie face. Silly monkey.
  • The "Mimic" episode has a good one. Chris' chasing after Donita who's about to fly away on her jet to an unknown location...but her hideout is just a few feet away!
    • The same episode has Martin tricking Donita into taking a honey badger instead of the cheetah cub. They drive off, then you hear a car horn and Donita and Dabio screaming for the critter to get off of them, then they run away, still panicking.
  • "Bass Class": The glass-eyed look on Martin's face when he spotted bait.
  • In a live-action segment, Martin, holding an alligator, is quick to point out it's not Chris.
  • In "Race for the Hippo Disk", Chris dons the Falcon Suit to save the hippo disk, shouting "Saving creature power with creature power!"... right before he smacks into a cliff and drops it. Also, Zach's perplexed "hmmm..." at finding himself in the sky when a hippo pops his inflatable boat.
  • "Whale of a Squid": Bumper and his mother, both sperm whales, making the Amphisub spin around when swimming past until the boys are totally cross-eyed.
  • "A Huge Orange Problem": Whenever Hugo sends the boys flying through the jungle.
  • By way of Fridge Logic, Zach Bennett's Self-Deprecation from "Happy Turkey Day", as he voices both Gourmand and Zach Varmitech:
    Gourmand: I'd rather have Zach's arm strength than cook a farm turkey!
  • The flying Gila monster in "Gila Monster Under My House".
  • At the end of "Bugs or Monkeys?", Martin wants to keep his hair straight up, but the gang wants his original hairstyle back. So they start chasing him around trying to straight it and Martin keeps changing it back.
  • In "Prairie Who?", Koki found herself surrounded by so many prairie dog holes. She's annoyed by their chirping, and soon starts to act like a prairie dog until she's found by Aviva and Martin who shook her off her trance.
  • In "When Fish Fly":
    [The Kratts see a flying fish on Aviva's head]
    Chris: We can't just tell them that, otherwise they'll say "See, finding creatures is like a piece of cake."
    [The girls spotted the flying fish actually flying.]
    Aviva and Koki: See guys, finding creatures is like a piece of cake!
    Kratts: Ohh!
  • In "Mini Madagascar", the Kratts try to convince the gang that mouse lemurs are vicious animals. But none of them, especially Aviva, believe such a cute little critter can be vicious at all.
  • In "Raptor Round-up", Jimmy, Aviva and Koki all, for some reason, assume the Kratts are talking about raptor dinosaurs, leading to Jimmy having a freak-out because he's scared of them, Koki pointing out they're extinct and Aviva complaining that she hasn't finished her time machine yet.
  • In "Mystery on the Prairie", Jimmy was inspired by the loggerhead shrike to keep his food in a thorny bush.
  • In the Christmas special, "A Creature Christmas", the villains stand in the way between the Wild Kratts and their baby animal friends, but the Wild Kratts call out to the baby animals, and the baby animals stampede over the villains to get to the Wild Kratts.
    The baby animals all rush to get to the Wild Kratts side, forming a stampede, running over the villains.
    Martin: I love it. The villains are being overwhelmed by creature cuteness.
  • In "Elephant in the Room", while Jimmy Z is tasked with babysitting Thornsley, he makes himself a sandwich and sets it on the teleporter table, claiming the little elephant wouldn't be able to do anything to it from up there. Cue Thornsley pushing the activation button and sending the sandwich to a spotted hyena, who happily chomps it down.