Tear Jerker / WordGirl

The show
  • Despite being treated as a joke villain (like everyone else) what happened to Doctor Two-Brains is pretty sad. An intellectual Nice Guy driven to evil and insanity by placing something on his head, voiced by Tom Kenny? Two-Brains is basically a science-y Ice King on a show with a younger target audience.
  • Violet finds out her best friend Becky is WordGirl, and felt betrayed for being lied to. She tells Becky she's not sure if they'll be friends anymore, making Becky cry.
  • Reason leaving Rhyme behind after getting fed up with her incompetent attempts at villainy. He doesn't just want to leave their criminal partnership, he wants to end their friendship, and he returns his half of their friendship necklace to her when doing so.
  • A show-wide one that isn't dwelt on but is still present: Becky has all of the traits of WordGirl, since she is WordGirl, but no one ever gives her proper credit for them since she's just a normal girl. Is it any wonder she's so shocked to hear Tobey praising her in "By Jove, You've Wrecked My Robot"?
The Rise of Miss Power
  • This happens in "The Rise of Miss Power" when WordGirl/Becky Botsford insulted her sidekick Captain Huggyface/Bob. Though she later apologizes to him, this still counts as a Tear Jerker.
    • WordGirl is beaten by Miss Power, and is given "The Reason You Suck" Speech, and is called weak, and even has her star insignia removed.
    • Earlier it hurt a lot to see WordGirl mocking Tobey who is often somewhat of an Friendly Enemy and reducing him to an inability to move out of despair and a few others. Not to mention the Butcher's frantic and confused pleading to know where WordGirl is when Miss Power is taunting him, saying that WordGirl isn't mean like Miss Power.