Funny: Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

  • Rockapella would act as a Greek Chorus of sorts during Round 2, announcing in a sing-song manner whenever a contestant found the loot, the warrant, or the crook. However, these rounds tended to get on the long side if the contestants were struggling, so the group would get creative in having to announce the loot many times over (since it had to be uncovered first before the warrant and the crook). Rockapella's numerous ways of describing the loot would turn into a Hilarity Ensues (for example, "Beacon Hill!" would eventually give way to "Tourist Mecca!" and "Five-dollar sodas!"). They also would throw in random comments on unsuccessful turns and even impatient snarkery as well ("Any day now!"). All of the extra comments would cause Greg to corpse often.
  • It's a well known fact that the center of the earth consists of a giant duck!
  • Contestant picks Eads Bridge, but it's incorrect.
    Rockapella: Nothing!
    Greg: (sarcastically) Thank you!
    Rockapella: Save it!
  • So it's Round 2, and the locations are all American landmarks... except that "Greg's Apartment" is also listed for some reason. Guess where the crooks are hiding.