Funny / Steam Powered Giraffe

  • Far too many moments from their April 26th Livestream to count, but special mention goes to this exchange:
    Rabbit: Guys! This just in! This is the most views we've had ever!
    The Spine: How many views do we have?
    Rabbit: I dunno, like 900!
    The Spine: Wait, so you're telling me that people would rather see us just mess around for an hour rather than actually discuss interesting things?
    Rabbit: That's right!
    The Spine: Wow, internet.
  • This exchange:
    The Jon: I'd like to dance across all of the earth...IN THE NUUUUUDE!
    The Spine: WHOA, Jon, you can't dance across the earth in the nude.
    The Jon: Uh, why sure I can. Care to hold this guitar and I'll show ya.
    The Spine: No, no, no. I know you're very capable of doing it, Jon. I just mean you shouldn't. Because there are such things as public decency laws. Plus, I don't want to see you in the nude, and none of these people do either.
    The Jon: Well, I don't know, there's a couple of smiiiiles out there.
    The Spine: There are NO smiles...Sir, please stop smiling.
  • David Bennett revealed that the band had a new video for fans...that turned out to be a cover of the Rihanna song "Diamonds." The fandom basically imploded.
  • Walter Robotics seems to have adopted a new marketing strategy.
    • Rabbit: Every tenth purchase, they give you a prize! (peers into box) It's assorted bath soaps.
    • The final lines of the song:
      The Spine: If you're not happy, Hatchy will eat his shoe!
      Hatchworth: I'm going to do it anyways. So it doesn't matter. (points to camera) And then I'll eat YOUR shoes!
  • Walter Robotics' shoddy (And incredibly on the nose) tagline: "Walter Robotics: We Make Robots."
    GG: That's a terrible slogan. You should have me write it next time!
  • "Go Spine Go" from MK III is one hilarious moment after another.
  • The skit opening before the song "Captain Albert Alexander".
    Rabbit: How many of you like fishing? THAT'S RIGHT NOBODY.
    • Also from the same video:
    Rabbit: "I know a guy who [fights skeleton pirates on the back of killer whales]!"
    The Jon: "Oh! Is it me??"
    Rabbit: "No, it's not you Jon."
    Jon: (sadly) Oh...
    Rabbit: "You don't have your sea legs for such an endeavor; Gotta trade in those B LEGS! "
    Spine: (exasperated) "Yeah that was a pun."
    Rabbit: (gleefully) "That was a pun! "
  • This video is a hilarious recording of the group performing Mack the Knife.