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The Walter Girls are not human.
  • Walter Girl Paige greeted a follower on Twitter with "Hello, fellow human female!" which seems just a bit too...specific. Plus, Bunny Bennett once mentioned that the satin striped fabric used for the bots' costumes is meant to convey an artificial, man-made quality about them, and the labcoat dresses worn by the Walter Girls are made of the exact same fabric, but white. My guess? Walter Robotics has gotten a lot better at making their robots look human over the years.
    • Perhaps Peter A. Walter VI hasn't revealed this because he doesn't want The Spine to know about it just yet. He doesn't think he's ready to transition.

Weyland Industries is a much older company than we've been led to believe.
  • Check out the logos for Weyland Industries and Walter Robotics. Both companies are headed by a scientist named Peter who's eccentric to say the least. Both use technologies that verge on indistinguishable from magic, seemingly out of nowhere. Both companies make robots.