Heartwarming / Steam Powered Giraffe

  • Bunny Bennett's It Gets Better video.
  • What's Your Favorite Thing About Steam Powered Giraffe?
  • MK III's "A Way Into Your Heart" was written as a tribute to the band's fans. Warning: watching the music video may cause bouts of nostalgia and warm fuzzy feelings.
  • "Leopold Expeditus" is this. It's a song about an orphan and a giant wolf pup forming an unlikely friendship and conquering the world. A welcome heartwarming song considering it brackets two more melancholic songs.
  • One word: "Malfunction"
  • Episode 21 of the Bennettarium, which is the first time Erin Burke worked with the Bennetts since her departure (and also the only time that Upgrade is mentioned in any video still on the YouTube channel).
  • "Clockword Vaudeville," as the name suggests, is a beautiful sentiment of turn-of-the-century nostalgia.
  • Early in their career, the band was offered a chance to collaborate with Disney, but they turned it down. Why? Because the meeting would have forced them to cancel a performance and they didn't want to disappoint their fans.
    • They have since performed at Downtown Disney more than once.
  • In the album, the Vice Quadrant, the end song Whale Song depicts Rabbit, The Spine and Hatchworth adorably serenading a pod of space whales. Robot sibling bonding moment!
  • Even though it quickly goes off the rails, the fact that Hatchworth and Rabbit wrote The Spine a song (Go Spine Go) is very thoughtful.
  • This picture from the official Twitter account.
  • For their 10th anniversary show, the band announced that every past member of the band and previous touring guitarist Michael will be rejoining them on stage for one show. Especially heartwarming given Jon and Erin left on bad terms.