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Fridge Horror
  • It says on the band's official timeline that Peter Walter I, the robots' creator, died in 1942. The robots would have been in the middle of fighting in World War II then. Unless they got whisked home for some leave, they never got to say goodbye to him.
    • The setting is chock full of it. As Bunny Bennett said about the SPG graphic novel: "The lead characters are the humans- which I find much more interesting. Why? Because the robots are like imaginary friends. They need to have an otherworldly presence. All the drama and bad stuff that will happen to our human heroes? The robots are just along for the ride. And they need to be a constant, unmoving force of positive. Especially with how dark the real world gets. Even if they’re not 1 dimensional characters per-say…There is some “feels” on the way with their backstories…even so they’ve gotta be the role models. They’ve gotta be the guys that had these awful experiences and just really want to keep smiling and do what they love."
  • Another example: the life of Wanda Becile, nee Hottie, nee Walter. Is it any wonder she wound up marrying her family's personal Igor, even though he was involved in her first husband's death? She took what she could get.
  • People tend not to think about war very much. I mean really think about it. The fact that the robots fought in wars and battles may just seem like backstory flavor. Then you see this. You can read along, too. Yes, this is basically the robotic version of a PTSD flashback. It manages to be horrifying despite being a flashback to a fictional war against robotic elephants. (Keep in mind, these aren't just bad memories for the 'bots: these are some of their first memories.)
  • The song "Clockwork Vaudeville." A kid goes to see the robots perform at the fair. After their act, he gets to go backstage. One of the robots asks if he'd like to "join the band." The kid says yes, then there's a bunch of mechanical sounds, then a reprise of the chorus. What happened to the kid?