Heartwarming: Lindsey Stirling

  • A lot of Lindsey's songs are all about overcoming negativity and self-doubt and allowing yourself to be free.
  • Song of The Caged Bird's video may have some Fridge Horror at the end, but the shot of Lindsey finding the violin and starting to play can cause even the hardest of people to go "D'aww."
  • She's really humbling in this video.
  • The ballerina breaking out of the snow globe and entering the light in the Shatter Me video.
  • "Beautiful Times", her collab with Owl City.
  • Take Flight was dedicated to a fan of hers, a boy who attempted suicide because he was bullied.
  • The "Pure Imagination" video, featuring The Muppets, was praised by Muppet fans as being the most Muppet Show thing they've done in a long time.

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