Funny: Pokémon Adventures

aka: Pokemon Special

  • The end result of Blue's first battle with Sabrina (you know the one!).
  • The Naughty Tentacles joke. You know the one...
  • Pidgey crapping on Professor Oak's head in "Bulbasaur, Come Home!".
  • Pika shocking Red in "Onix is On!".
  • Pika's Comicon-esque appearance after Red dresses him with the knock-off items in "Wartortle Wars".
  • Red punching a Team Rocket Grunt in "Tauros the Tyrant" to steal his outfit, revealing a jersey underneath. Made even funnier due to the fact that something similar happened in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
  • Red and Gyarados having their heads buried in the sand after crashing into one of the Seafoam Islands' beaches, all because Red simply didn't tell Gyarados to stop.
    Red: And you couldn't have just told me this before?
    • Speaking of Gyarados, later in the chapter, you can see it happily looking at a butterfly.
  • This promotional artwork, which shows Pika poking his head out of a pile of discarded papers.

Yellow Arc


RS Arc

  • Just look at the Mudkip's expression when Ruby commented about his Mudkip Zuzu.
  • Ruby's expression when he thinks that Wally turned into a girl. (Really just him meeting Wanda.)
  • Sapphire's Ass Shove moment at Fortree City. What makes it funnier is that it works!


  • The look on Charizard's and Venusaurs's faces are priceless when Kimberly demonstrated the ultimate moves
  • Another one in the FRLG arc when Silver was surprised at Yellow being older than him by one year despite Yellow being shorter than him.
    • This has been a running gag amongst the GSC generation that they are all shocked at being younger than the much shorter Yellow.
      • From the Japanese version:
      [Vol. 11] Crystal: Older than me?!
      [Vol. 15] Gold: Older than me?!
      [Vol. 24] Silver: Older than me...

Emerald Arc

DP Arc

  • Diamond and Pearl's manzai scenes. They're funny indeed.
  • Mars' first appearance in the DP arc, where she ends up answering the punchline to Dia and Pearl's comedy routine when Dia actually forgets it.
  • Platinum dances. The next panel shows Dia cheerfully copying her, while Pearl has a WTH? look on his face.
  • Dia and Pearl's comedy routine to Fantina results in Fantina laughing at it even though she has a vague understanding on what it actually meant. She laughs when repeating the joke herself, too!
  • Dia's one-shot gag. What's funnier is that no one else except Fantina seems to find it amusing.
  • Crasher Wake putting Pearl's heading through the Croagunk Wall, you then see then see a picture of a Croagunk with Pearl's face on it! Even his Pokemon were laughing at this!
  • When the Sinnoh gym leaders fight Team Galactic at Mt. Coronet, Byron provides underground support... like digging a hole underneath Gardenia's Cherubi before Mars' Purugly can KO it. He gives Cherubi a quick healing, then it pops back out of the ground and kicks Purugly in the face with its stubby little legs.
  • Saturn fires a Teleport Gun at Platinum's bodyguards (not Diamond and Pearl, but the other guys) and they disappear into another dimension. What does he say he'll do after that? "...I'll play some MMORPGs!"

Platinum Arc

  • Ninja Geezer and Captain Protein.
  • Crystal freaking out thinking that Silver doesn't like her new clothes.
  • Gold's attempts at complimenting Crys' new outfit, and Crys promptly cutting him off with Xatee's Tailwind and a shoe kick to the face.
  • Silver becoming a fan of Proteam Omega.

BW Arc
  • Cheren's chart and explanation on how Black's brain works, complete with Prof. Juniper's dumbfounded expression.
  • Despite Black having a one-track mind, he has a variety of expressions, most of them being hilarious.
  • Bianca's Oshawott gets its ass kicked by an Audino.
  • White being so full of dreams of Pokemon Musicals she doesn't notice Black's Musha trying to eat them, or Black's desperate attempts to hold him back.
    • Really? I thought Black was deliberately trying to heap Musha on her head. But it's still funny regardless!
  • Black's reaction to Skyla pushing him off of the Celestial Tower.
  • White seemingly losing her cool at Black for letting Tep evolve, only to reveal that she was just kidding.
  • White's first try at catching Deerling, then running around in circles trying to escape from it. Black's sweat drops, considering his regular Large Ham attitude, are quite funny to look at.
  • Iris visits Burgh in Castelia City while he's showing off a new creation, and he asks for her honest opinion. She does... with Brutal Honesty. Cue Burgh acting devastated, complete with Iris's word balloon spearing him through the heart.
  • Black vs. the Black Empoleon biker gang. First, Black trashes their bikes, leading them to exclaim things like how they hadn't finished paying the down payment or how the bikes were a gift from their mothers. When only the leader is left, he discovers that Black's Musha used Teleport to transport the bike's expensive premium fuel straight into his pants.


  • The author notes, especially the recent ones. The artist usually starts off by making insightful comments about the current themes or characters. This will be followed by the author completely fanboying about the games or going on about some random facet of his life, like how he bought a car on impulse just because the color it was painted in was called "Royal Ruby Red Pearl."

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