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"Here it is. The best page of Gunnerkrigg Court."

Spring Heeled, Part 2 The Coward Heart Fire Spike From The Forest She Came Give And Take Faraway Morning (And Three Short Tales) Parley and Smitty Are In This One Red Gets a Name Microsat 5
  • When Donnie is talking to Annie about her father, he explains the difficulty he had with his first crush.
    Donald: As much as she seemed to like him, she wouldn't ask him out. She was waiting for him to do it. I mean, you know how girls are—uh...
    (remembers who he's talking to)
    Donald: Motion to strike previous comment.
    Annie: (grinning) Granted.
  • Jones: Needs to make a phone call. note 
  • Also on page 1025: "Kat: Distracted by baking. Jimmy Jims: Also distracted by baking. Anja: Initiated plan theta (Baking distraction)"
  • Zimmy, while mucking around in Annie's head, discovers that Jack is in love with her. Her reaction is priceless.
  • Just before that, when she's confronted with a nobody Jack.
    "Dammit, Carver! I don't wanna know about yer million boyfriends!"
The Great Secret The Stone Changes Catalyst
  • Andrew's first time in the forest involves helping various inhabitants with their problems. One involves a floating octopus.
    Andrew: I think you really should be in the ocean...
    Octupus: So that's what I've been doing wrong!
  • His visit ultimately ends in him, Annie and Parley running from a hoard of creatures looking for help from Andrew.
Crash Course
  • The subtle expression on the giant snake's face in this page right before Ysengrin smashes him into the ground.
  • In the bonus page, Annie returns from the forest with many spills of Ysengrin's blood. What really clinches it is the absolutely psychotic look on Antimony's face. Some readers noted that "It's not my blood." is the LEAST reassuring "reassuring statement" ever.
    "Oh, don't worry, don't worry! It's not my blood."
Thread The Realm of the Dead See Ya! Tall Tales
  • Coyote, of all people: "Party! Party!"
The Torn Sea City Face's Book of Birds
  • This set of side comics written from the perspective of City Face starts by describing a couple species of fairly common birds, such as pigeons, magpies, and seagulls. Then City Face goes on to describe more exotic and unusual birds like the secretary bird, the emu, and the giraffe.
Totem Sneak Annie and the Fire Meetings and Re-Meetings
  • From Chapter 54: Coyote's temper tantrum when he sees Annie, complete with rolling around on the floor and screaming 'THIS ISN'T FIRE HEAD GIRL'. The artstyle just makes it even more hilarious.
    • The next page has Coyote meet Anthony, calling him the Broken Man, and while crossing into Nightmare Fuel, the fact that he got so angry that he just pushed one of the court's buildings down with what looks like a poke is just chuckle worthy.
  • Anthony's treatment of Annie isn't funny, but Ysengrin's blunt, perplexed reaction to it is. Part of this is due to contrast, as every other character so far has treated the matter with the utmost seriousness, while Ysengrin completely misses the point.
The Break Out
  • Antimony getting Renard back from Anthony is treated as a serious challenge, ending one chapter with her declaring she'll do it and the next chapter is entirely devoted to her efforts. She knocks on Anthony's door and asks for Renard, and before she can even finish her reasons why Anthony has handed him to her. End of chapter. In one page.
  • Followed by a tittering Coyote for the chapter's bonus page.
  • And then the next page with Tea in her Peace Walker PJs, clearly not expecting to do her meta thing, and scrambling for something as the artstyle devolves into basic sketches.
    "See this thing here is very important, you probably didn't notice earlier in the story but you'll be surprised when it comes back!" [strikes a pose to display... something that hasn't been drawn in yet. it's just a '?' ]
New Data Get it Together A Big Day
  • According to Parley, Elgamore is not a fan of Anthony.
    Eglamore: That guy is a silly sack of doo doo.
    • Antimony's reaction to learning of Eglamore's feelings shouldn't go unmentioned either.
    Antimony: Well I don't think it's any of my tell me everything right now.