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Funny: Gunnerkrigg Court
The Coward Heart
  • Andrew gets asked to throw Annie's blinker stone at the cliff (it needs to fall straight down to land where they want it to land, but they can't get close enough to the cliff to do it). He does so... and the stone bounces off a crow and falls. Kat and Andrew's expressions are priceless.
  • The Rant on this page:
Fire Spike
From The Forest She Came
Give And Take
Faraway Morning (And Three Short Tales)
Parley and Smitty Are In This One
Red Gets a Name
Microsat 5
Donald: As much as she seemed to like him, she wouldn't ask him out. She was waiting for him to do it. I mean, you know how girls are—uh...
(remembers who he's talking to)
Donald: Motion to strike previous comment.
Annie: (grinning) Granted.
  • Jones: Needs to make a phone call. note 
  • Also on page 1025: "Kat: Distracted by baking. Jimmy Jims: Also distracted by baking. Anja: Initiated plan theta (Baking distraction)"
  • Zimmy, while mucking around in Annie's head, discovers that Jack is in love with her. Her reaction is priceless.
  • Just before that, when she's confronted with a nobody Jack.
"Dammit, Carver! I don't wanna know about yer million boyfriends!"
The Great Secret
The Stone
Crash Course
  • The subtle expression on the giant snake's face in this page right before Ysengrin smashes him into the ground.
  • In the bonus page, Annie returns from the forest with many spills of Ysengrin's blood. What really clinches it is the absolutely psychotic look on Antimony's face. Some readers noted that "It's not my blood." is the LEAST reassuring "reassuring statement" ever.
"Oh, don't worry, don't worry! It's not my blood."
Reynardine: Paz! Nice choice!
The Realm of the Dead
  • The ROTD looking like a tacky haunted house to Kat. Even this guy is wearing a monster costume glove and his cloak has a tag on it sticking off the side of his head.
  • "You must be the life of the party, kid."
  • Steadman's last words: "I really wish I hadn't tripped over that damned dog."
  • Kat and Morty are currently in the Realm of the dead, Final records room, where thet last thoughts of someone are held. Their natural reaction, of course, is to look up the names of famous people.
See Ya!
Tall Tales
  • Coyote, of all people: "Party! Party!"

El Goonish ShiveFunny/Webcomics Hang in There, Kogasa-san

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