Nightmare Fuel: Gunnerkrigg Court

  • The hallucinations Zimmy suffers (for example, in Chapter 11), during which she is sucked into a cursed version of Birmingham populated by insects, giant monsters and people with no faces. This may actually be something of an improvement over the real Birmingham.
  • From Chapter 4: Not very scary:
    • The illusionary circus Mort creates for Paz in Page 7 and Page 8.
  • From the Summer Holiday special:
    • Page 9 is nice except for the fourth image. Those eyes.
  • From Chapter 17: A Ghost Story:
  • From Chapter 23: Terror Castle Of The Jupiter Moon Martians:
    • In the last panel of Page 24, Reynardine shows off how terrifying he can be.
  • From Chapter 28: Spring Heeled, Part 2:
  • From Chapter 30: The Coward Heart:
    • In Page 18, when Jeanne puts on her Game Face and releases all that bottled-up rage.
  • From Chapter 31: Fire Spike:
    • Annie's dream/flashback in Page 25, after running away to the forest.
  • From Chapter 34: Faraway Morning (and Three Short Tales):
    • The ghosts from the mandolin in John/Margo's tale in Page 12.
    • Even after it's gone, Jack can still remember the Spider whispering to him. On and on, over and over.
  • From Chapter 35: Parley And Smitty Are In This One:
    • Robot being cut right through and Shadow 2 being torn away from the ground by Coyote's Tooth. They turn out to be perfectly fine, though Shadow 2 is disoriented, but considering it's Coyote's Tooth that did it, the scene in question is definitely an example. Also, all the time the sword is laughing. Swords shouldn't laugh...
    Parley: Oh god, I - I dropped it...
    Smitty: It's OK, it's OK, Pearl.
    Shadow 2: Urghh... I... don't feel so... good...
  • From Chapter 38: Divine:
    • The last panel of Page 20.
    • Kat's Etheric look in Zimmy's eyes, despite it's high-quality art, the fact it has no speech bubbles, no more than one panel, just... That. It's made even worse by the text on the previous page, and Tom's comment ("One day, Zimmy.") which becomes even creepier if you remember that it's a reference to a much earlier strip where Zimmy declared: "One day I'm going to die here (in Zimmingham)".
  • From Chapter 39: The Great Secret:
  • From Chapter 40: The Stone:
    • There's something subtly scarey about how old Jones is. She seems normal and all, but in truth probably is closer to a Humanoid Abomination that any other character. The more you think about it, the more eldritch she becomes. And that's not even counting on the implications behind her relationships with Eglamore and Samuel.
  • From Chapter 42: Catalyst:
  • From Chapter 43: Quicksilver:
    • Hetty's malicious behavior in general; she takes great delight in constantly tormenting a young boy as punishment for her condition and his 'treatment' of her - when he certainly wasn't the one who trapped her in the form of a doll, and in addition doesn't even know she exists. He was just left ownership of her in his sister's diary - a sister who, by the way, it's heavily implied Hetty killed, or at least had a hand in her 'accident'. And her next victim is the brother.
    • Hetty's true form. It's what's inside that counts...
  • From Chapter 45: Thread:
  • From Chapter 46: The Realm of the Dead:
    • That pasty, pimply guy wearing the cheap cloak and rubber monster hand that Kat was bossing around? This is what he actually looks like.
      • Actually, it's implied it was an illusion, and only Kat could see things as they truly were. Creepiness still stands, though, as you have to picture what Rot D might look like to Mort and Annie.
  • From Chapter 47: See Ya!:
    • Jones talking to Mort, right before he died trying to save her from the WWI bombings.
    • Although he isn't exactly evil, Ankou's appearance is absolutely terrifying (as noted by Kat [1]). Given that he looks like a dessicated corpse with a scythe, he's probably the only of the psychopomps to approach a traditional western image of death.
      • Even worse is the true form of the vampire who brought Mort in to the ROTD. He went from a silly looking Bela Lugosi-type vampire to, well... this. Think Orlok, except with a huge mouth full of sharp teeth, his face and chest completely covered in blood, and part of his skull exposed.
      • Subverted when it turns out that it's actually a mask. He actually looks like a normal middle-aged male.
    • The premise of the chapter: after dying as a child, Mort has spent around seventy years haunting one of the Court's basements before deciding to give it up and move on.
  • Chapter 49: Torn Sea is full of this
    • Please make me flesh. Oh, and if you look below you can see what the flesh would look like, and it's not a pretty sight either. At least he's polite.
    • Oh, hello there, Kat.
    • The very end reveals that taking Kat's word horribly out of context has lead the Robot's into thinking anything is fine as long as their goals are furthered.
    Seraph Robots: It Was Worth It.
  • Chapter 51: The Tree. The chapter deals with the return of Annie's father and many believe it hits a number of uncomfortably realistic abuse triggers, to the point that a lot of readers who had similarly bad relationships with family pulled out of reading with "let me know when it's safe again" posts.
  • From Chapter 52: Sneak
    • Annie's new room. Not only isolated from the rest of the school, but it looks similar to the hospital she was raised in. Or a prison cell. Anthony has isolated Annie even more.
    • More creepy stuff from that room: it's immense, totally dwarfing Annie, and is so long that it appears purposely designed to discourage visitors. It's also alarmingly sterile, all white tile and vast ceiling (admittedly, the Court's dorms aren't very cozy in general, but they did look personalized and livable until now). All of Annie's more personal, homey items seem to have gone mysteriously missing, leaving her only the basics (presumably, this is either due to Kat's absence, or almost everything has been confiscated). In fact, Annie's beginning to look like one of Paz's mice — a tiny being in a vast building, totally at the mercy of the scientist.
    • Annie's first thought when she receives a less-than-sensitive (but most likely sincere) card from her male schoolmates is that they're mocking her while pretending to be her friends. These are people that's she'd grown to care about and trust — she should know better. Her self esteem and pride has collapsed so completely that it's clouding her judgement
    • Annie talking about herself. The girl who once had ample amounts of confidence has become little more than a shell of her former-self, thinking that she is a "big dumb giant" in the eyes of her former-classmates and her current classes after she was made to repeat a year.
    • Whilst a relatively minor case, Kat's revelation that even her parents didn't know that Anthony Carver had returned to the court, despite Kat's parents being long-time friends with Anthony. One can only wonder how that conversation went.
    • This page. There's something particularly unsettling in Annie's behaviour in front of her father. She's acting like a small child eagerly ready to please.
    • Kat telling Reynardine - who she's now in possession of since Annie can't keep him - to do whatever it takes to defend himself from Anthony Carver if he tries to hurt Rey in any way. She even begins by saying that she promised Annie that she wouldn't order Reynard to hurt Anthony, but still...
    • It's just like a playdate. Not mention how ridiculously childlike Annie seems when trailing after her father.
    • The entirety of Donald's monologue concerning Anthony is rather unsettling, in it's way. His language is strangely disconcerting for someone who is supposed to be speaking about his best friend.
    • The last page of the chapter may be implying that whatever Annie's holding at bay is not going to put up with being held for long...
  • From Chapter 53: Annie and the Fire
    • Just the very idea of Annie's Fire Elemental side being separated from her is one thing, considering it's the very genetic link she has with her mother. It's the one thing Annie has always been proud of honing, so to see it as two separate entities is both saddening, but also terrifying, as the readers and the characters have no idea what will happen in the future.
    • There's a reason fire is always linked to anger. And if the new page is indicating anything, that anger in Annie is being directly targeted at someone in particular...
    • Does this face look at all familiar? No? Take a look at this page.
    • During his search for the Psychopomps, Anthony ended up in some dark corner of the Ether. It's not pretty. The "physical tolls" he needed to undergo to just get there aren't great either.
    • We finally find out why Anthony needed his medical supplies in Microsat 5. To make an antenna of 'blood and bone' to reach through the fabrics of reality. In other words, Anthony cut off his arm himself.
    • The psychopomps who almost tricked Anthony into killing his daughter by using his love for Surma against him.