Funny: Cardcaptor Sakura

  • Episode 10: Sakura encounters the Flower Card on the roof of a building near the school. She prepares to do battle with it. It springs forward, grabs her and... starts dancing with her, proving it to only be unintentionally dangerous.
    • Yukito deserves a nod for his hilarious Big Eater habit stunning Sakura and Syaoran, particularly when he downs a dozen or so pieces of food without taking a breath.
  • The Power Card is defeated... in a game of tug-o-war. And Sakura is helped by elephants.
  • Meiling is full of these. Choice moments:
  • Some of the funniest moments in the entire series happen whenever Syaoran falls victim to the Luminescent Blush. We're not kidding, this guy could give lessons to tomatoes and beetroots in turning red.
    • One of the most hilarious moments of all was his very first blush in Episode 27 when Sakura hugged him for the first time. He never managed to pull anything quite like that again.
    • Even more funny was that he was already totally exhausted and the shock of realization proved to be too much for him.
  • Kero and his appetite.
  • Whenever Syaoran's serious mystique gets broken by Butt Monkey moments and Luminescent Blushes.
  • Any Moment Killer, but the one where Yamazaki interrupts Syaoran was so sudden he experiences complete brain shutdown on that occasion.
  • Tomoyo trying to record Sakura on her camera. There's this scene where the Snow Card creates an incredibly powerful blizzard threatening to bury the whole town. Our heroes are barely struggling to stand, and all she can say is "At this rate...I can't film Sakura!". Cue Sakura passing out in sheer shock.
    • There's an episode where she's horrified seeing Sakura passed out in Syaoran's arms. Guess what? She realized she missed out all the action on Sakura converting the Dash card...
    • And that scene where her camera's batteries ran out?
    • In one chapter of the manga, she gets lost inside Tomoeda Elementary School when its interior is turned into a nondeterministic maze. When Sakura finally manages to find her with the Shadow card after a lot of panicking, Tomoyo's response...is to lament that she wasn't able film Sakura's conversion of the Shadow.
    • She also couldn't capture Sakura and Syaoran's hug at the end in both the manga and anime - now just try to imagine her horrified reaction for having missed that moment.
  • Kero is busy trying to break the record score of 400 million points when he gets distracted by Sakura calling him for help. He desperately juggles between talking and playing. Just as Sakura is about to put the phone down we hear a Big "NO!" at Kero's end. Reason? The screen reads, "Game Over. Points : 399,999,999..."
  • The scene where Kero meets Suppie for the first time will make you die laughing - it elevates The Ditz trope to a different dimension altogether.
  • A drunk Suppie is a cute Suppie.
  • In Episode 19, Sakura masters sensing Clow Cards, managing to catch the week's card, the Move. Her euphoria fades as she realises she's jumped straight onto the riverbed and teeters wildly. Syaoran tries to help her but ends up with her into the water. Capped off with his reference to his fortune from earlier in the episode ("bad things will happen if I deal with women") while Sakura smiles sheepishly:
    Syaoran: The fortune was warning me about this...
    • Another moment from this episode, where Yukito pops up as Sakura is trying to construct a birdbox with a hammer. She is so blindly happy to see him, she smashes the box to pieces with the hammer. Toya offers to build for her in exchange for five days worth of chores. He also reveals that the year before, Sakura made a penguin-shaped money box but couldn't put money in it because the beak was too thin.
  • From the same episode, Meiling's whole introduction scene.
  • Kero. Syaoran. The Change card. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In Episode 63, Kero is revealed to have snuck into Sakura's backpack to eat her cream soda. Emerging from his hiding place in the bag, he begins to laugh maniacally - cutting to outside, revealing Kero is in a locker with a little girl nearby hearing his cackle and runs off in terror.
  • Sonomi tells Sakura about her memories of her mom Nadeshiko... who turns out to have been a massive Cute Clumsy Girl. First, she recalls a day when they were walking to school and Nadeshiko suddenly fell flat on her face. Then, she mentions Nadeshiko crashing into a tree when they go out skiing (complete with her being buried in the snow). Then she remembers the time they were in P.E class and Nadeshiko crashed into the gym props...
    • When her story eventually delves into how much she hates Sakura's dad and Sakura just looks perplexed as to how they arrived at that topic.
  • Yamazaki, whether he's telling a far fetched story or starring as the evil witch in the school play.
  • Any time Eriol teams up with Yamazaki to tell some absurd story (to Chiharu's dismay) and any time Eriol (and sometimes Tomoyo making things worse, too) screw with Syaoran regarding Sakura. For instance, when Eriol promises to take Sakura to "Alice's kingdom" and Tomoyo starts talking very casually about how this means England which means Eriol wants to introduce Sakura to his parents and all the while watching Syaoran out of the corner of her eye for a reaction.