Heartwarming: Cardcaptor Sakura

From now on we'll be together forever
Card Captor Sakura is essentially a Sweet Dreams Fuel incarnate, expect to see a lot of sweet moments especially with Sakura and other characters.

  • The clip ending of Episode 70, the title song in the background is what makes the impact.
  • The manga ending, of course!.
  • The ending of the Card Captor Sakura second movie. Awwwwwww!
    • Spoiler-riddled elaboration: Sakura finally corners the card and tries to change it, resigned to the fact that this will take away her feelings for Syaoran, even though she hasn't told him how she feels yet. As soon as she finishes the spell, the card chooses Syaoran to lose his feelings (he happens to make it in time for a Heroic Sacrifice). He tells her it'll be alright, that he'll fall in love with her again. The card makes its move, and Sakura is left crying because Syaoran's feelings are gone. The new card, The Hope, tells her not to cry, that everything is okay. She dries her tears and tells Syaoran that she loves him. Its totally heartbreaking, until Syaoran replies that he loves her, too. The card didn't take away his feelings after all! And then, the sun comes up and everything starts returning to normal. The cherry on top is when Sakura leaps across the hole in the floor and into Syaoran's arms shouting "I love you!" Oh yeah, just to make this even better is Ashita e no Melody playing.
    • The cliffhanger of the The Sealed Card ending is averted with special mention by a special poster released along with the film, showing Sakura making the leap successfully right into Syaoran's arms in the most heartwarming moment in the whole series.
    • And now there is even a video for it.
  • The ending of episode 22 of the anime. Sakura spent most of the episode trying to help out with chores so that her dad could finish her research paper, but upon capturing the card of the week, she accidentally breaks his computer, resulting in all that work being lost. And yet her dad is not angry, but takes her home to cheer her up. The next day, he even decides to stay home to work rather than go to his university office and reaffirms that with Sakura's help, they can finish the paper together. Awwwww...What a nice guy!
  • Nearly the entirety of Episode 67, after being comforted by Syaoran after being rejected by Yukito, Sakura is insistent on showing her thanks in some manner, devoting several sleepless nights to making him a scarf. In particular her shyly presenting him his gift (with Syaoran's expected reaction) is exceptionally touching. While most Sakura and Syaoran episodes were placed from Syaoran's perspective and his overwhelming infatuation with her, this takes place largely from Sakura's point of view, showing how greatly her opinion and relationship with Syaoran has changed, from an intimidating arrogant rival to a gentle close friend who's very presence tends to bring her happiness.
  • The beginning of Volume 10 of the manga and in episode 65, right after the power transfer. Yue hears Sakura crying; she blames herself for not realizing that Yukito/Yue was disappearing and for not being powerful enough to support him. Yue, who had originally told her she was too weak to be the master of the Clow Cards, kneels down to comfort her and tell her that it's only natural and not her fault that she's not as strong as Clow was.
    • Keep in mind prior to this point, Sakura was perfectly convinced Touya was little more than Big Brother Bully, being a rare target of her cynicism and contempt. She's not just upset because she almost failed Yukito/Yue, but also because she had so greatly misjudged her brother and how much he cared about her, something she vows to make up for afterwards.
    • Any time Yue shows his softer side, really. He seems cold and haughty, but as Sakura herself says, he's as kind as Yukito at heart. So when he's willing to show real kindness, it shows just how much he's come to care for Sakura.
  • Touya sacrificing his powers to save Yukito. Awww!!!
    • In particular there's this dialogue between him and Yue. Never has NOT having magical powers been so awesome.
      Yue (paraphrased): You know, you'll have to give up your Sixth Sense to do it. You won't be able to see your mother anymore.
      Touya: (calmly) It's not fair that I'm the only one who can see her anyway.
      • Considering how much fuss is made over lacking magic in the series, it's really sweet that Touya gives it up so readily to save Yukito.
    • And just before that there's these adorable moments. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!
  • Nadeshiko's spirit relieving Sakura's high fever, along with Touya getting to talk with her again.
  • Essentially ANY moment between Sakura and Syaoran in later episodes as the latter becomes more and more infatuated with the former. Granted they often act as a severe Yank the Dog's Chain as he fails to reveal his feelings for her, but he at least succeeds in endearing himself to Sakura a little more and gaining a stronger bond each time.
  • This sweet exchange between Sakura and The Light card:
    Sakura: I'm glowing! That's it! That's why I can see myself in darkness!
    (The Light Card appears)
    Sakura: Are you the Light Card?
    The Light: Yes, Sakura. I've been there in your heart since the seal on the Clow Book was broken.
    Sakura: And now, you've been set free?
    The Light: It was you who set me free when you didn't give up, even in the darkness. You acknowledged and released me. Here's a question: What can brighten the night sky and dispel the darkness?
    Sakura: Light!
  • Aw, hell, the whole series!
    • Truer words were never spoken.
  • After the Dash goes nuts from Sakura's failed attempt to transform it, it tries to run using a nearby bike. Sakura uses the Loop to prevent it from going far, the catch? Everytime Dash is forced through the loop Sakura stands waiting with a friendly smile and open arms.
    • And when she finally grabs it, she hugs it tight and nurtures it until it stops struggling, eventually calming and licking Sakura before obediently returning to it's card. Even non-sapient beasts acknowledge Sakura's kindness.
  • Out-of-universe, after the Tohou Earthquake in Japan. CLAMP released a video with an illustration with Sakura and the song Platinum for the earthquake victims, ending with Sakura Tange (Sakura's original voice actress) saying "Zettai, daijoubu dayo!" ("Everything will surely be alright!")
  • After having her voice stolen by the Voice card, Tomoyo is believed to be sick by her kind but very workaholic mother Sonomi, who rushes home and dotes over her lovingly. Tomoyo gives a surprised reaction for a moment, before smiling and hugging her mother. Given Tomoyo often comes off a The Unfavorite compared to Sakura (and seems to know it), it is nice to show that either way, Sonomi still loves her devotedly.
  • In the manga, after Fujitaka receives his rightful share of Clow Reed's powers from Eriol, he sees Nadeshiko's spirit. After a moment of shock they embrace for the first time in years.
  • Watching Touya and the Mirror enjoy their time out shopping was cute.
    • The next time Mirror is returned to card form, she's wearing the ribbons Touya bought for her.
  • The ending of episode 57 where Syaoran, for the first time in his life calls Sakura by her name when she falls off from the elevator. Sakura is so happy that after coming home, she requests that Syaoran be called by his first name instead of Li, a name used only by his family. It is a clear sign of a Relationship Upgrade between the two.
  • Surely every time Tomoyo gets to sing has to be heartwarming.
  • The part where Yamazaki is telling one of his stories about sloths to Syaoran...getting him to smile for the very first time in the series.