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Funny: Black Mesa
  • In Unforeseen Consequences, the microwave that you used to blow up the casserole has a headcrab in it, and you can turn the microwave on and make it explode like in Gremlins!
  • Also in Unforeseen Consequences, Dr. Kleiner will exclaim "By Schrodinger's cat! You're alive!"
  • "You better make like a banana and split" puns
  • At one point in Office Complex, one can find (likely through hearing it first) a Houndeye sitting in a room and making curious noises while watching a TV filled with white noise.
  • The expanded lines for the Non Player Characters can lead to some downright hilarious snarks and random comments - sometimes randomly having nothing to do with the context of the situation.
    • Every variation of the guard's "Make like a banana and split" line, including "You better make like diarrhea and run."
    • "Ya know, they used to give me pills for that kinda behavior."
    Guard: Man, cease and desist, or some shit!
  • Gordon. Pets. A. Snark.
  • Kleiner instantly falling in love with the first Headcrab he sees... which we may assume will be called Lamarr some time later.
  • If they manage to stay alive long enough, the guards have some stern words for the HECU.
    Guard: (noticing a marine miss him) Semper Fi, ya douchebags! (cue returning fire)
    Guard: Go back to rifle class, Gomer!
    Guard: Better stick to peeling potatoes, Skippy!
  • Thank you for noticing this new notice. Your noticing it has been noted. And will be reported to the authorities.
  • Black Mesa answers the question of just how the hell one wields the Hivehand, and the result of equipping it. You can't help but feel sorry for the poor thing.
  • Keep your subtitles on for some gems, particularly early on. Among them, the subtitles actually extend the r in "They're waiting for you, Gordon. In the test chamberrrr." During the same line, one of the other scientists turns around to look confusedly at the one who says it.
  • If you return to the locker room after the Resonance Cascade, you'll find one of the lockers has been blown open. Inside is a sign reading "No Ridiculous Ties".
  • In Anomalous Materials, one of the scientists is criticizing a research paper written by one of his colleagues. Talk to him long enough and he spouts this gem:
    "And what in blue blazes is a... is a ROFLcopter?"
  • The new models and textures are pretty funny, too...
    • The microwave in Anomalous Materials has a setting for Headcrab.
    • The Cremating Furnaces in Questionable Ethics have options for Medium, Rare, and Well Done.
    • There's a sign by the laser is Questionable Ethics that reads 'Existential Danger', next to the Infinity Symbol.
      • Which becomes even funnier if you're familiar with the concept of an existential risk.
  • When going through the portals, you can find a room with a male scientist, female scientist, and a guard.
    Guard: You two argue like an old married couple.
    Male scientist: We are an old married couple!
    Female scientist: Who are you calling old!?
  • Inspection of the games soundscape scripts reveals the following comments at the top of the scripts:
    //Inbound: Welcome to Black Mesa! Where hazardous chemical spills are a daily occurance!
    //Anomalous Materials: Someone explain to me why Gordon's job inside the test chamber, couldn't have been done by a robot, or even a monkey...
    //Unforeseen Consequences: This is what happens when you 'force' a computer to divide by zero.
    //Office Complex: Unbeknownst to the staff, the cafeteria had been serving bullsquid for years.
    //We've Got Hostiles: Hey guys, thanks for the rescue. Oh, what? A bullet with my name on it? Cool!!
    //Blast Pit: There's an alien tentacle in my soup.
    //Power Up: The tunnel system smelled like fried chicken for months afterward.
    //On A Rail: Good thing Gordon was around, or the scientists would have been forced to unleash droves of monkeys to press the rocket launch button.
    //Apprehension: Luckily, the Female Assassins were in short supply. If Gordon had to face more than 3-4 at once, he never would have made it to Xen.
    //Residue Processing: Tryouts for the Black Mesa swim team every Tuesday and Thursday.
    //Questionable Ethics: Please remain stationary, while we remove your internal organs.
    //Surface Tension: Look carefully for the hang gliding mini game in the cliffside level!
    //Forget About Freeman: The 2008 finincial [sic] crisis was simply a cover for the repair costs of the Black Mesa facility.
    //Lambda Core: And in the end, it was all just a crazy, radiation induced, nightmare!
    • You get the feeling that someone in development had a thing for Freeman's Mind given that fried chicken joke was in that series.
  • Not the game proper, but the voice actor for Kleiner posted this video of him singing Sir Mixalot's "Baby Got Back" in the Kleiner voice.
  • The bloopers. Hilarious Outtakes at their finest. Special mention goes to the alternate Black Mesa Transit System safety spiel and the security guard's bewildered reaction.
    Black Mesa Transit System: Please keep your limbs inside the train at all times. Fasten your seatbelts, and do not feed the rabid monkey.
    Guard: What?
    Black Mesa Transit System: Do not attempt to open the doors until the train has come to a complete halt at the station platform.
    Black Mesa Transit System: Failure to comply may result in limb loss...
    Guard: Huh?
    Black Mesa Transit System: ...termination of your pass for the transit system...
    Guard: Ugh...
    Black Mesa Transit System: In the event of an emergency, ignore it, and it will pass.
    Black Mesa Transit System: Passengers are to remain seated and await further instructions should the emergency continue.
    Guard: *clears throat* Ugh...
    Black Mesa Transit System: If it is necessary to exit the train, each man for himself...
    Guard: What the f...?!
    Black Mesa Transit System: ...and the disabled personnel may wait behind and pray for a miracle.
    Guard: SON OF A BITCH!
  • The HECU grunts have some funny quips if Gordon manages to wound them.
  • If you enter the server room during Anomalous Materials, a security guard points out that you did show up for work today, and reminds a scientist nearby that that means he owes him a pizza. If you then talk to the scientist in question, he makes several dirty remarks at the guard.
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