Funny: Adventures in Odyssey

  • Adventures in Odyssey: In one of the sketches in the KYDS Radio episode "The Devil Made Me Do It," a criminal pleads not guilty of breaking-and-entering and robbery in court because "the devil made me do it." As he puts it, "He kept talking to me, you know, tempting me, and before I knew it, I was in somebody's house at midnight stuffing a VCR in my pants."
  • "Broken Window": During the impromptu "trial" over who broke a window in Whit's End, Rodney unexpectedly calls Mitch ("...whatever-your-last-name-is") as a character witness.
    Mitch: Why in the world would you want me for a character witness?
    Rodney: YOU DON'T KNOW ME VERY WELL! (it helps)
    • Even funnier when you remember that Mitch's real name is Robert Mitchell.
      • Funnier still: They are voiced by the same actor.
    • "I can't get a lawyer that soon, Uncle Louis' in prison for another six weeks!"
  • "Fairy Tale-E-Vision" is another KYDS Radio sketch, comprised of Little Miss Muffet flipping through the channels in Fairy-Tale Land. It's a funny episode in general, but morals aside, the highlight be an out-of-context news hook.
    Female Announcer: And what are little boys made of? The answer may surprise you.
  • Near the end of the otherwise emotional episode "Connie", when Connie returns to Whit's End, we hear in passing how the Bible Room has been empty ever since Eugene (newly arrived and still getting used to working here) added a display depicting the Spanish Inquisition...
    • Eugene has also changed the menu to a more "healthy" selection, complete with vegetable flavored ice cream (mentioned in Best Face Forward)
  • The entirety of I Slap Floor.
  • Alex's grandparents in Relatively Annoying
    • Grandma Jefferson makes her own ketchup with her feet.
  • Jared De White. Odyssey's resident conspiracy theorist.
    Jared: Don't you think it's a scam? Who does this? Rides a bike across the country. What if there's a thunderstorm?
    Whit: Well, I imagine he takes shelter when he needs to.
    Jared: I'll tell you what he does. After he bikes through the city, he rides the next 100 miles in an air conditioned camper. Until he gets to the next city. Everybody thinks he's out there working and sweating. When he's really sitting on an exercise bike while he watches TV and eats fig bars!!!!
    • His interactions with Sarah Pratchett are golden.
      Jared: In 1984 the president got on TV. He said children are getting smarter and smarter and soon they'll be smarter than us. So from now on, we'll teach 'em lies. Everyone thought it was a great idea and they've been teaching kids wrong stuff ever since.
      Sarah: You're a sad little boy.
      Jared: And you're just as ignorant as the rest of the youth of America.
  • Cryin' Bryan Dern's antics in Top This when he hears that Odyssey 105 would flip formats to Polka (It's later revealed to be a publicity stunt); but especially this exchange near the end.
    Bryan Dern: This is Cyrin' Bryan Dern goin' into my 95th hour of being on the air. Whaddaya wanna do? Maybe I should play a song. Here's one. I can't tell you what it is, 'cause my contact lenses have become a permanent part of my eyeball and everything's... kinda blurry. I can't seem to get this disk in the player. Forget it. Maybe I should sing a little song... Wow. I never knew my thumb could do this. I know. Let's have a moment of silence for... somebody. Are we at war or anything? C'mon, give me some ideas people...
    Caller: Yes, my hamster's been kind of sick lately
    Dern: Perfect. What's your hamster's name?
    Caller: Binky.
    Dern: Great! Let's have about an hour of silence for Binky. Wake me up when you're done.