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Heartwarming / Adventures in Odyssey

  • George Barclay's reunion with his son Jimmy at the end of the episode "The Prodigal, Jimmy".
    • Repeated in "Living in the Gray", in a much more serious situation.
  • The scene in the hospital between Whit and his wife Jenny, who is dying, in the flashback episode "Recollections".
  • In "Not One of Us", Bart Rathbone pays for Connie and Lucy's parking ticket, asking for nothing in return.
  • Jack Allen giving advice to Edwin Blackgaard on how he can really atone for fleeing in the face of his brother—he doesn't have to.
    • He even goes through the trouble of familiarizing himself with Hamlet, to the point of being able to properly analyze the titular character's motivations, in order to best communicate to Edwin that his guilt is misplaced and that the townspeople are simply glad to have him back.
  • In "Tornado", a young Mandy Straussberg sells her beloved doll to the J and J Antique Gallery for money to give to the Rathbones, whose house has been badly damaged by the titular disaster.
    • This act moves Jack Allen, to whom Mandy sold the doll, and inspires him to bring together a group of volunteers to donate money and help work on fixing the Rathbones' house.
    • Perhaps the most heartwarming moment comes at the end—Bart Rathbone, scam artist and penny-pincher extraordinaire, ends up buying Mandy's doll back and sending it to her anonymously.
  • In "Plan B: Resistance" Wooton comes across Connie in the park while she's grieving the losses of Mitch and Eugene and experiencing some heavy Parting Words Regret. Without a second thought he takes an hours-long break from his mail route to take Connie to the fair, spending the entire day with her to help her feel better. He also helps her realize that Mitch and Eugene knew she cared for them by the time she spent with them.
  • Mandy's parents reconciling in "Life, in the Third Person"—both for the in-universe family and for the clear message that hope and healing can be found even when damage seems irreparable.
    • The fact that Mandy also ends up in a happy marriage of her own down the line.
  • Jack and Lucy's engagement in "The Triangled Web", especially when Lucy comments that of all the guys who were interested in her, Jack is the one she wants because he's the one who knows her best.
  • Wooton doing shopping for Connie after her mom dies and everyone in Odyssey sending food to Whit's End.