Trivia / Adventures in Odyssey

  • Actor Allusion: Jack tells the story of when he and Whit, then voiced by Hal Smith, visited Bath, North Carolina, where they met Uncle Randy and his Deputy Arny.
    • In "The One About Trust", Margaret Faye incorrectly guesses Connie's name as "Katie".
    • In "The Malted Milkball Falcon", after an all night rocking chair competition, Emily Jones says "The sunrise... It's so pretty..."
  • Adored by the Network: While the Animated Adaptation is syndicated to many stations, FamilyNet seems to keep it on their Saturday morning roster. When there is only one toon on the line-up, odds are it's usually this.
    • FamilyNet dropped the show in the 2011-2012 season and replaced it (in the 'sole animated show' placement) with Monsters and Pirates.
  • The Cast Showoff: Some recent Odyssey episodes feature Eugene Meltsner playing the ukelele (based on voice actor Will Ryan's skill at playing the instrument).
    • Also, Aria Curzon, voice of Mandy Straussberg showed off her singing talents on a few episodes.
  • Children Voicing Children: Usually the child characters on Adventures in Odyssey are voiced by kids (usually with the result being many of the characters getting either several voice actors or dropped altogether), with the most glaring exceptions being Emily Jones and Olivia Parkernote 
  • Contest Winner Cameo: How Shona Kennedy was cast as Connie's half-sister Jules. As part of Adventures in Odyssey's 25th anniversary in 2012; the series held a "Get in the Show" contest to find a voice for a new character. Kennedy won the contest and would debut as Jules Kendall in the episode "Life Expectancy: Part 2", being received well enough for Jules to become a recurring character.
  • The Danza: Early Odyssey character Ann Jacobs was voiced by Ann Ault.
    • Another early character, Jessie Morales, was voiced by Erin Morales.
  • Dawson Casting: A number of child characters are voiced by adults (as opposed to child actors aging faster than their characters):
    • Katie Leigh as Connie Kendall.
    • Middle-aged Steve Burns as both teenage bully Rodney Rathbone and Connie's love interest Robert Mitchell.
    • 30-year-old Nathan Carlson as Jimmy Barclay's cousin Len in "Castles and Cauldrons"
    • Dick Beals as Nicky Adamsworth in "Eugene's Dilemma" (Beals had a glandular problem that prevented him from ever going through puberty)
    • Christina Puccelli as Emily Jones
    • Both Hope Levy and Kelly Stables as Olivia Parker
  • Defictionalization: There is a real Whit's End at the Focus on the Family headquarters.
  • Edited for Syndication: The Daystar airings of the Animated Adaptation edit the show down for time to make room for commercials. However, it's a lighter example of this than usual — all of the important elements stay, the edits are done in a manner that is seamless, and the pacing of the show isn't affected by them.
  • Long-Runners: 30 years and counting, though if you count the series that eventually became Adventures In Odyssey, Family Portraits, then it has been around for more than that.
  • Missing Episode: A few early shows starring a bumbling police officer (named Officer Harley) were pulled and re-recorded when parents complained that he gave children the wrong impression of authority figures. Officer Harley's only appearance now is at the end of the episode where the Barclays get robbed and the Flashback about how Whit acquired Whit's End.
    • There are a few episodes from Spring 2000 (the latter half of the infamous split era) that were last aired in 2003 for various reasons: "The Telltale Cat" was seen as too violent, "B-TV: Grace" had a skit that was deemed offensive to the Amish, "Sticks and Stones" might have given kids too many ideas for insults, and "Career Moves" was just a really weak episodenote .
  • Fandom Nod: The various theories about AREM's identity that Alex, Cal, and Sarah come up with in "Grand Opening, Part 1" are all references to the theories fans were tossing around online.
  • Old Shame: Katie Leigh (voice actress for Connie) played a major character from the Dungeons & Dragons animated series, a fact which got a bit awkward after AIO did an episode condemning the role-playing game, "Castles and Cauldrons". Of course, considering how much fantasy voice-acting there is to do, most of the cast probably view that episode as Old Shame themselves. In any case, when the D&D came out on DVD in 2006, Leigh was the only member of the cast to reprise her role as Sheila for (appropriately enough) the radio play of "Requiem". In earlier interviews she said she'd be quite happy to do the role again.
    • Even before the animated series ended production, it was pretty clear that the writers were somewhat embarrassed by it and its noticeable difference in tone and writing. "A Day In The Life" was a partly a satirization of the changes in the animated series, wherein a Hollywood studio comes to make a movie about Odyssey and keeps making ridiculously over-the-top changes to make the movie more interesting until you can barely tell the movie's about Odyssey at all. "I Slap Floor" even contained a Discontinuity Nod where (a slightly unhinged) Whit draws up plans for the Strata-Flier (Whit's standard mode of transportation in the animated series) and raves about the adventures they can take in it and the people they can save. Everyone else in the room thinks Whit's being ridiculous.
    Connie: "Uh...huh."
    Tom Riley: "Maybe you should lie down, Whit."
    Whit: "Well, you'll be sorry the next time someone falls off a clock tower!"note 
    • Within the radio show itself, we have the episodes that featured the klutzy police officer David Harley, who was quickly dropped when parents complained that he was giving kids a bad idea about police officers, and the episodes either went missing or were either rewritten or rerecorded without Harley in them. In one case the early episode "Lights Out At Whit's End" was pulled, not just because of Harley, but because the episode was just too weird, featuring little in the way of aesops (aside from a vague "it's good to spend time with your friends" moral) and ending with a random free-style rapping session that even Tom Riley and Whit take part in! The episode isn't even included in the "Lost Episodes" album, and, as seen below, the one time they did call back to it, it wasn't exactly with kindness.
  • The Other Darrin: Whit's voice actor was replaced after his original one died. And then again after he died too.
    • When Katrina's bus came in, her actress had changed as well. She's even quieter now.
    • Walker Edminston passed away before he could finish recording Bart's lines in the episode "Suspicious Finds" (wherein Bart was a major character). Bart's lines were rerecorded with another actor.
    • Marvin Washington went through three different voices during his run on the show.
    • All three of the Parker children have had their voices replaced once. Special notice goes to Matthew Parker; who has been voiced by three actorsnote  in a space of roughly 2 years.
    • Averted narrowly with Eugene; the writers initially thought about having Steve Bridges stand in for Will Ryan to record the message on Whit's answering machine at the end of "Exit", but decided against it and simply spliced together clips from old episodes (in similar fashion to the messages Whit left on the Whit's End answering machine during the Blackgaard arc or an earlier Novacom episode for which neither Will Ryan nor Pamela Hayden could record Eugene or Katrina).
    • Vance King's voice in his debut was provided by Jason Earles, where all other appearances have sporadically voiced by either Earles or Jason Marsden.
  • Playing Their Own Twin: Regis and Edwin Blackgaard are both voiced by Earl Boen.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Nathan Hoobler had been a longtime fan of Adventures in Odyssey; even starting his own fansite as a teenager called Adventures in Odyssey Headquartersnote . Eventually, Focus on the Family hired Hoobler to work on Odyssey as a semi-frequent writer and director for the series
  • Recycled Script: After the episodes starring the bumbling police officer Harley were pulled (parents objected because they gave children the wrong impression of authority figures), the episodes were rewritten to feature a bumbling private investigator instead.
  • Real-Life Relative: The sisters Robyn and Melanie Jacobs (during the early years of the show) were played by real-life sisters Sage and Erin Bolte.
  • Romance on the Set: During the early years, the character of Lucy Cunningham-Schultz was voiced by Genni Mullen, while the role of Jack Davis was played by Donald Long. Around the time their characters were phased out, Mullen and Davis ended up marrying, and when their characters appeared again in a 2008 episode shortly before the most recent ReTool, Lucy and Jack got engaged.
  • Screwed by the Network: When the Animated Adaptation first hit syndication in the late 90's, some stations aired the show in early-morning timeslots when nobody would be watching, with the most common timeslot being 5:30AM.
  • Series Hiatus: The series took a year-long hiatus in 2009 prior to the 2010 retool.
  • Shout-Out: The 1994 episode Two Brothers and Bernard: Part 1note  includes a scene where Esau bargains with Jacob over the birthright nearly taken verbatim from The Little Mermaidnote .
  • Take That Me: The rap song "Communicate" (from the pulled episode "Lights Out At Whit's End") gets this treatment in a scene from the 2015 episode "Out of the Woods".
    Detective Don Polehaus: "And the old cassette player?"
    Eugene Meltsner: "I unearthed it from Mr. Whittaker's archives. When I push the button..." <pushes it>
    Whit/Kids (on tape): "...Share the gospel before it's too late, and the best way to do it is communicate!"
    Detective Polehaus (overlapping): "You’ll wanna change that."
    Eugene: "Well, Perhaps so."
  • Talking to Himself:
    • Walker Edminston as Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone.
    • Earl Boen as Edwin Blackgaard and Dr. Regis Blackgaard (although they only ever interacted with each other in one episode).
    • Steve Burns as Rodney Rathbone and Robert Mitchell.
    • Corey Burton and Will Ryan have Loads and Loads of Roles, regularly playing bit characters as well as multiple recurring characters (Walter Shakespeare and Cryin' Bryan Dern for Burton, Harlow Doyle and Eugene Meltsner for Ryan).
  • Technology Marches On: Hoo yeah. The show has utilized technology in every era, from dazzling arcade machines to pagers and beepers to top-of-the-line "laptop computers" and "cellular phones" to a brand-new computer having "one of those high-speed lines" to people sending "text messages" to AppleBerry smartphones. Nothing makes you feel old like having a fan question why Connie didn't just call or text Eugene or Bernard about Whit leaving on the cell phones they wouldn't have had yet in the early 1990s.
    • It makes Blackgaard's characterization in the otherwise excellent "The Battle, Parts 1 & 2" a little more difficult to take seriously, because in the beginning of the episode as Regis Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell break into Applesauce and run a systems check that makes Whit's End go haywire, they run into the second level, which requires a password. It makes sense that they panic because they have to get out of there before someone recognizes their presence in the program, but the average 21st-century listener would probably be a bit baffled as to Blackgaard's anger after the fact that Whit "put in a safeguard". Everyday civilians have passwords and codes on their phones, their e-mails, their bank accounts, highly personal files, and just about anything else under the sun, and the school-age children at whom the show is aimed probably have personalized logins for their public school computers, library computers, and even home computers, so it doesn't make any sense to the modern listener why either Blackgaard or Maxwell wouldn't anticipate a password on a highly restricted, valuable, and confidential computer program created by a master of computer and Internet technology.
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