Awesome: Adventures in Odyssey

  • Overlaps with Big Damn Heroes. Lucy has just followed the Bones to their lair for information. Jellyfish is threatening Lucy with getting lost in the woods at night, when Richard Maxwell steps in. "Lucy is a friend of mine."
  • Near the end of the episode "The Green Ring Conspiracy, part 12", where Jason (undercover, disguised as a criminal named "The Stilleto" stops the train the bad guys are using to get away. You Can't See what's going on, but it sounds like it was awsome!
  • This quote from The Accidental Dilemma:
    Carson: I don't care about your cane, when I've got my fist!
    Carson hits the Whisperer
  • Eugene near the end of "Prisoners of Fear, Part 3", standing up to and refusing to be intimidated by Gobir who is holding both him and Katrina at gunpoint.
  • The final confrontation between Jack Allen and Dr. Blackgaard in the tunnels underneath Whit's End, which have been rigged with explosives by Blackgaard in order to destroy the building. Even in the face of certain death Jack is calm and collected as he talks with Blackgaard and tries to save him.
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