Heartwarming / Big Finish Doctor Who

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     The Monthly Range 
Fifth Doctor
  • The Doctor's treatment of the Cyber-Horse in "Spare Parts" speaks to just how compassionate he is, as he tries to calm the animal, lamenting how it's never even felt real grass beneath its feet.

Sixth Doctor
  • In "The Wormery", Iris Wildthyme makes a good show of stating she's not attracted to the Sixth Doctor (much as she fancies his other regenerations). As soon as it seems like he's falling for Bianca, though, she gives him an Anguished Declaration of Love that actually manages to be on the sweet side of Yandere. As much as they usually bicker and complain at each other, the audio shows many aspects of their Odd Friendship over the years, and how much they're willing to help each other out when push comes to shove.
  • An incredibly sad one in "Jubilee". When Evelyn meets the 1903 Doctor, who's had his legs amputated and gone insane with loneliness, he thinks Evelyn's a hallucination and tells her all he's ever wanted is her forgiveness for getting them into this. Not only does 2003 Evelyn forgive him, she tells him it would have been worth it, for the things she's seen since they became friends. The 1903 Doctor takes great comfort in this, even if he thinks he's just dreaming.
  • "Thicker Than Water": Evelyn's big damn platonic "I love you" to the Doctor. And just before that, the Seventh Doctor visiting Evelyn in the hospital, unannounced and uncredited, just to tell her that his companion Hex is Tommy, Cassie's son.
  • The Wrong Doctors provides a simple and very sweet explanation why the Sixth Doctor, who over time (in Big Finish) had swapped his technicolour nightmare coat to one of calm blues, decided to change back. A Mel Bush from his own future is being unwritten from time, and in her last moments quietly admits ...she actually quite likes his patchwork rainbow coat.
    Sixth Doctor: Then I shall wear it again, for you.

Seventh Doctor
  • In 'The Fearmonger', Ace's worst fear is that the Doctor would go evil. You can practically hear the smile in his voice as he says that he should be flattered.
    • It's implied that the Doctor's worst fear is Ace getting shot. Which just happened. And that's the reason that he isn't afraid of the Fearmonger.
    Doctor: Go away. I have more important people to worry about.
  • The entirety of Signs and Wonders; seriously, this troper had to fight the tears that came to his eyes. Spoilers abound:
    • Though sick and dying, Elder God To'Koth asks for the Doctor's help to return to its old realm so as to not damage Earth (and the reality it was in) with the energies its death would unleash. It takes even the Doctor a while to wrap his head around the idea of an altruistic elder god and of one permanently dying, and it nearly destroys him and his TARDIS to honor the request. The reward? An end to the hostilities between himself and the other Elder Gods, putting to bed the Seventh Doctor's crusade against them.
    • Fifteen years after Hex has properly returned to life, he and Sally Morgan have settled down and had a daughter, with another child coming on the way, and Hex is devoted to not missing a moment of their lives after missing the deaths of his mother and grandmother. What is their daughter named? Cassandra.
    • In "Afterlife", part of "The Reason You Suck" Speech Ace gives the Doctor is that he never showed her how to pilot the TARDIS, yet had taught two much more recent recruits to do so, as it "wasn't part of the plan". Here, the Doctor genuinely invites Ace to pilot them to their next adventure on her own.

Eighth Doctor
  • In "Death In Blackpool", the Doctor and Lucie pick up a drunk guy dressed as Santa Claus. He turns out to be an average guy who lost his job, and Christmas turns out alright for him when he charms the hospital lobby personnel and gets a job offer as a porter. No heroics for him, no aliens, no big sweeping space story just a nice Christmas with happy Christmas songs. He remains completely oblivious to the plot.
  • Susan and Eight reunite in An Earthly Child. It can be described simply as "Such fluff, much feels" which include Susan expressing delighted shock at the TARDIS's changed appearance (and the Doctor claiming that everyone goes through a Gothic phase) and the Doctor and Susan having a big smushy hug as they part ways.
    • The fact that Susan takes aliens invading and her grandfather turning up at the same time in her stride.
  • In "Relative Dimensions", Susan assumes that the Doctor sent some friendly aliens to help Earth. She was right.

    Special Releases 
Sixth Doctor
  • "The Last Adventure": The interactions between Genesta and the Doctor. Though Genesta initially starts out fairly frosty with Six, she shows an increasing amount of compassion for him even at the start, saves him several times from being erased from the Matrix and she has quite a bit in common with the Doctor. The Doctor, meanwhile, shows a great deal of patience and empathy with the snarky Genesta, a very healthy amount of gratitude for all the help she gives him, and promises to indulge her love of Earth once the adventure is over. It becomes heartbreaking when she is overwritten by the Valeyard, and furthermore when her interactions with the Doctor become undone.
    • Flip's attempts to help the Doctor when he is being drained by the Valeyard for his negative energy. Flip ends up mangling a number of different nursery rhymes, putting herself in an embarassing position not at all helped by her stage fright, but it achieves what she wants: distracting the Doctor from the rage inducing Valeyard. Six even has the good form not to tease or mock her about it, simply giving gratitude where it is due.
    • The ending, though sad, ends on a warm note when the Sixth Doctor, transitioning into the Seventh, whispers with his future incarnation that he feels their future is in safe hands.

    The Companion Chronicles 
Third Doctor
  • "Find And Replace": 60-year-old Jo meets up with the Third Doctor (and Benton) back in the 1970's. It's the sweetest thing in the history of anything ever.
Fourth Doctor
  • The end of the Companion Chronicles story "Luna Romana" is essentially a proper send-off for Mary Tamm.

    The Tenth Doctor Adventures 
  • "Death and the Queen": The Doctor talks to Donna before her wedding, and after putting his foot in his mouth once or twice, tells her she looks beautiful and acknowledges that Rudolph is a good man, although "No man's good enough for my Donna." It crosses over into Tearjerker territory when he starts talking about how all his companions leave in the end, but still, he's genuinely happy for her.

  • In the TV Mini-episode "The Night of the Doctor" the last words of the Eighth Doctor are to remember his companions from his Big Finish adventures. Which is heartwarming both in the direct sense (as even during the madness and carnage of the Time War he never forgot his old friends) and in a Meta sense as it officially brings them and the rest of BF's Doctor Who stories into full Canon.
    • In another sense, it's a wonderful tribute from the TV team to Paul McGann, who's been playing the character for years now, and clearly loves doing it. Since there's a lot of people who think he "only played the Doctor once", it's lovely to see him get a proper send-off that acknowledges he's had a whole load of adventures and character development that people just might not know about.
  • In several of the more recent podcast episodes, Nick Briggs has had his six-year-old son Benedict on the show. He has interviewed his son, and his dialogue is frequently interspersed with his son doing various adorable things.
    • For a trivia bonus, keen listeners may recognize Benedict as the voice of Kevin Dovie, the little boy from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, "The Light at the End".