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Recap: Big Finish Doctor Who NEDAS 4 SR An Earthly Child
A special release, originally subscriber-only. It was retroactively made available to everyone when it ended up tying heavily into the overall plot of season 4.
It's been twenty years since the future Dalek invasion of Earth was stopped. Susan (still Carole Ann Ford!), the Doctor's granddaughter, has lived a happy life on Earth with her husband David (now dead) and their son Alex. However, traumatised by the Daleks, humanity has become a superstitious and cowardly lot. They're afraid of advanced technology, of strangers, and most of all of aliens. Travel is still nearly impossible and no radio contact has been established with the survivors on the moon colony. In short, it's a Crapsack World.

Since Alex is falling in with the wrong — very xenophobic — crowd, Susan sends out an intergalactic distress call. She's answered by an exploitative alien race called the Guldreasi... and by the Eighth Doctor. Their happy reunion becomes complicated when Susan is held accountable by her alien-phobic society for the Guldreasi's meddling. The aliens do bring back the people who'd been stuck on the moon colony for decades. But, annoyed with the Doctor opposing them, they expose Susan as an alien. The Doctor is forced to defeat them when they turn out to be interstellar slave drivers.

Alex is brought to the TARDIS and has to come to terms with being half-alien. The Doctor wants to take him to Gallifrey and enroll him in Time Lord Academy. Alex instead just storms out. Susan follows him, because no matter how much she loves her grandfather, being a mum is more important now. The Doctor doesn't understand: he's finally figured out the TARDIS controls (... well, sort of), so they can go on tons of interstellar adventures now and he'll still drop her off only a second after they left. Susan still declines — that world just isn't for her anymore.


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