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Heartwarming: Cabin Pressure
  • In the Series 1 episode "Boston", when Martin, the neurotic, often insecure pilot, finally swallows his pride and actually asks Douglas, his co-pilot but also a former captain, for advice, suprisingly Douglas doesn't respond with his usual vitriol :
    Douglas: Well, the main thing is, you've got to stop asking for advice.
    Martin: Great, thanks.
    Douglas: That's OK, you can start just as soon as I've given you mine. You're the captain, Martin. And one of the many excellent things about being captain, along with the irresistible sexual magnetism , and first crack at the cheese tray, is that you're always right. So by all means, take opinions, but remember, you don't have to listen to Carolyn, you don't have to listen to ATC, you don't even, and savour this, because I shall never say this again, you don't even have to listen to me. You're the boss. What you say goes.
  • In the Series 2 episode "Gdansk", Martin rants about how he's never won anything in his life. Rather than teasing him like usual, Douglas, after he hears the rant, decides instead to help Martin win a competition against Carolyn by giving him hints to the names of all of the Seven Dwarves. For Douglas, who usually takes great joy in seeing Martin upset, that is outright kind.
  • Following the Douglas-being-nice-to-Martin trend, here's a small cut scene from Series 3's "St Petersburg" (from John Finnemore's blog):
    Gordon: Just got in. Bloody hell, the crosswind, eh? Hairiest landing Iíve had for years!
    Martin: Yeah! You should try doing it on one engine!
    Gordon: Jeez, I wouldnít want to! Did you?
    Martin: No, I didnít!
    Gordon: Oh. Right, I was gonna say!
    Martin: No, I mean, I didnít want to either.
    Douglas: ...However, he absolutely did. Rather well, actually.
  • While the crew's plan to freeze Gordon's hands to the plane console was partially so they could get GERTI back, it's clear that they were also taking a wicked glee in shaming Gordon for his horrible treatment of Arthur involving the gin bottle present. It's rather sweet hearing them all come to Arthur's defense indirectly.
  • During Series 4, Carolyn repeatedly tells Martin to look for other jobs so that he can earn a respectable salary, as she's sick of not being able to pay him. It's sweet to see that Carolyn really does care about Martin, but when you consider that MJN would almost certainly go bust without him, it appears that she's actually putting Martin's happiness ahead of her own business.
    • Also consider that Carolyn is torn between staying in Fitton for MJN, and moving to Switzerland with Herc. If she could no longer sustain MJN, the decision would be much easier for her. Effectively, she's urging Martin to move on as a roundabout, possibly subconscious way of getting herself to move on so she can be with Herc.
  • A real life example. During a recording for the fourth season, John got a very special surprise. In between seasons his fans on Tumblr had been taking pictures of the traveling lemon at various landmarks all over the world, and they decided to make a book out of it. One of those fans presented it to him personally, to his absolute glee.
    • The joy on his face upon receiving the book is absolutely heart melting, as is his words of thanks to the fans.
  • When Martin manages to get a date from the Princess of Lichtenstein, Douglas' reaction is to be genuinely pleased for him (and impressed).
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