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The Cliffhanger
Martin takes the job at Swiss Air, as does Herc. He pulls some strings with Theresa, who arranges for MJN Air (with a new pilot) to get a royal charter as the official Liechtensteinian flag carrier, including generous stipend.
  • The second pilot could be Herc (though how he and Douglas would get on remains to be seen), it could be Martin (seems silly to leave MJN if it's still operating and can afford to pay him now) or, if Theresa ever decides to train for the job she always dreamed of...
  • Jossed. Martin does in fact take the job, but as Theresa points out, there is no airport in Liechtenstein, and while Herc declines the Swiss Air job and is the second pilot now, the company has been reorganized as OJS Air.

The name Icarus Removals was chosen for more than just a joke about "history's first bad pilot"...
It foreshadows Martin's future, in the eventual finale.
  • Jossed.

Martin, Carolyn and Arthur all have happy endings waiting for them in Switzerland. Saying goodbye to MJN would be in all of their best interests. Where does this leave Douglas? Alone, jobless, and having just gone through a divorce. His age and track record will make it extremely difficult to find a new job. He seems to have few friends with whom he can be honest about things like his alcoholism and his failed relationships- Martin was probably the closest "friend" that he had. What's going to happen to Douglas if MJN closes down?
  • Thankfully averted in "Zurich."
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